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Air Dolomiti launches new pricing system

The company expands its fares to further meet passengers’ needs

Verona, 9th July 2019 - Air Dolomiti, the Italian airline of Lufthansa Group, is introducing a new, flexible and customer- oriented pricing system already available for purchase.

Always attentive to its passengers needs Air Dolomiti decided to expand its range of fares from three to five, each being named aftera different musical tempo: Presto, Allegro, Andante, Vivace and Adagio to represent the different "speeds" and various requests of today’s travellers.

The new fares are structured as follows:

- Presto: Economy Class: designed for business travellers who like to travel light: one hand bag is included and snacks and beverages free of charge;

- Allegro: Economy Class: ideal for leisure travellers and family trips: one hand bag and one piece of checked-in luggage is included; snacks and beverages free of charge;

- Andante: Economy Class: created for travellers who need maximum flexibility: one hand bag and one piece of checked-in luggage is included; unlimited flight changes up to two days before departure; snacks and beverages free of charge;

- Vivace: Business Class: two hand bags and one piece of checked-in luggage is included; includes high quality onboard service and seat reservation;

- Adagio: Business Class: offers maximum comfort and flexibility: two hand bags and one piece of checked-in luggage; possibility of unlimited flight changes; includes seat reservation and high quality onboard service;

Joerg Eberhart, President and Managing Director of Air Dolomiti, stated: "We want to offer every passenger the travel experience that best suits their needs. To be successful as a company means innovating and changing our methods, but also aligning ourselves with efficient systems such as those already in place within our partent company the Lufthansa Group. The new fares are tailored to the needs of our customers and designed to provide maximum comfort”.

Paolo Sgaramella, Commercial Vice President of Air Dolomiti added: " We have chosen the names of musical tempos to represent our fares because we believe that, just as music, travelling today has increasingly varied rhythms that often reflect different needs. This decision is also a tribute to the city of Verona, the Company’s headquarter.”