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Air Dolomiti Celebrates Silver Anniversary with Ferrari

It was a Monday, 21 January 1991, when the first Air Dolomiti Boeing De Havilland Dash 8 took off from Trieste for Genoa. 25 years later Air Dolomiti, the Lufthansa group Italian airline, is proudly celebrating its silver anniversary! The first international airline to land at Munich airport with independent “own business” flights, over the years Air Dolomiti has focussed on honing the outstanding quality of its services. 

It’s surprising to think about how competitive we are and how we continue to grow. Although the odd crisis might try to clip our wings, we just keep on pumping out the energy for new projects and new ideas. And that’s not just because we’re an active, tenacious airline, it’s because we’re a well-coordinated team of people who relish overcoming all the challenges the market flings at us. And our very solid partnership with Lufthansa is an added plus few can rival”, comments Joerg Eberhart.

To celebrate its first successful 25 years Air Dolomiti has chosen a partner in excellence: Ferrari Winery, the No. 1 Italian producer of Metodo Classico wines, awarded the Sparkling Wine Producer of the Year at The Champagne and Sparkling Wine World Championships in September 2015. Ferrari exports its superb Trentodoc wines to over 50 countries around the world, including Japan, the USA and Germany. Founded in 1902, the winery is owned by the Lunelli family, heirs to the Bruno Lunelli who took over from its founder Giulio Ferrari in 1952. 

Air Dolomiti is a prime example of excellence in its business sector and we’re delighted they’ve decided to celebrate their first 25 years with Ferrari” observes Matteo Lunelli, president of the Ferrari winery. “Every year Air Dolomiti flies passengers from all over the world to Italy and the Trentino mountains, which is where our wines come from. I frequently fly Air Dolomiti myself when I’m on missions to promote Ferrari abroad. So I would like to propose a toast to Air Dolomiti and this landmark anniversary in the fine Art of Italian living”.  

25 years of passion and commitment, attention to detail and promotion of its native territory: all values Air Dolomiti shares with the Ferrari winery, together with a huge sense of loyalty to their company and the people who work there. 

In honour of this important anniversary, Air Dolomiti toasts to success with its passengers! From 21 January to 4 February 2016, all Air Dolomiti flights will be serving two prestigious wines from the Ferrari wineries to their passengers: Ferrari Maximum Brut Trentodoc and Maso Montalto Pinot Nero D.O.C from the Tenute Lunelli. Fresh vitality on the one hand and an explosion of fruity scents on the other… everyone will be able to enjoy an exclusive glass of wine high in the skies with Air Dolomiti! 

Business class passengers will also be savouring an equally exclusive choice of delicious meals created by Alfio Ghezzi, Chef de cuisine at the Locanda Margon, Ferrari’s Michelin starred restaurant in Trento. Four moments of pure pleasure mark mealtimes on board our celebration flights: Apple pie, Mortandela salami, Casolet cheese and hand-crafted Ciocomiti chocolates for breakfast, Trentino Carne Salada cured meat on a Chick Pea and Chestnut Cream with Ulidea for lunch, Ricotta Cheese Cake with Ferrari Demi-Sec Trentodoc Cream for tea and Preore smoked trout, Russian Salad and Beetroot for dinner.

An anniversary, a celebration and a feast of flavours for a sparkling toast with all our passengers… “Cheers to Air Dolomiti!