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Air Dolomiti becomes a member of IATA

Verona, 9 April 2019 – Air Dolomiti, the Italian airline of the Lufthansa Group, is officially becoming IATA Member. The International Air Transport Association (IATA), which brings together and represents around 290 airlines in 120 countries around the world, is acquiring a new affiliate. The news was made official in a ceremony which took place at the Air Dolomiti headquarters with the presentation of a certificate.

IATA, founded in 1945 with the aim of representing, leading and serving the airline industry, has become the global mouthpiece of its members thanks to an international perspective, supporting the economic and social value that air travel has to offer. Air Dolomiti, in the interests of following a path of growth and renewal, has decided to join the Association, thereby starting to benefit from the wealth of resources made available by IATA.

In particular, the Association helps its members to meet industry standards in terms of safety; guides aviation to reducing its environmental impact; helps to contain costs, improve cash flow and maximise the effectiveness of investments. It also offers training programmes which consolidate the skills of the professionals in the aeronautics industry. 

We are pleased to be joining IATA, which has always striven to protect and promote the industry. We recently announced the launch of an ambitious plan for growth, and in the coming years we aim to extend our network and our fleet. I am sure that the Association will be able to support us on this path and that the partnership will prove fruitful.” said Joerg Eberhart, CEO of Air Dolomiti.