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Fill 1400x600 the hand luggage

Hand luggage restrictions, what is not allowed?

All airlines have hand luggage restrictions. This is not only because of security concerns, but also for loading weight issues and restricted cabin space. These restrictions vary from airline to airline, or even country to country, so always check what your airline allows before you book or travel. 

On budget flights, you will very often only be allowed one piece of cabin luggage. Make sure everything you need for your trip fits into this before you commit to your booking. It is advisable to put personal documents, medication, computer devices and any small valuables into your hand luggage.

When you book a LIGHT fare at Air Dolomiti you can travel with just one piece of hand luggage, weighing no more than 8 kg. PLUS fare include one hand luggage of 8 kg and one checked piece of 23 kg and EMOTION tickets allow you one checked-in bag up to 32 kg and a hand luggage allowance of two bags, each one up to 8 kg. 

All hand luggage must be no larger than 115 cm (55 x 40 x 20) and if your bag is larger than this, you will be charged excess baggage. Different airlines have different allowances for hand luggage, so be careful if your journey involves more than one provider. Occasionally Air Dolomiti, like all providers, will run out of locker or under-seat space in the cabin. If this is the case, some passengers will be asked to check their bags into the hold at no extra cost. 

On certain items hand luggage restrictions are very strict. Totally banned are real, imitation or replica weapons and any pointed, long or sharp implements, which have the potential to injure. These include knives, large scissors and knitting needles. Safety razors for personal use, nail scissors and files with a short blade length are allowed by most airlines. One cigarette lighter or a box of safety matches are allowed. Sporting equipment, such as baseball and cricket bats are considered potential weapons and won't be carried.

Liquids and toiletries can be taken on board providing each item does not exceed 100ml and you are not carrying more than one liter in total. These must travel in a transparent plastic bag. Small amounts of baby or special diet food and liquid medicines, accompanied by a prescription, can be taken on board. All airlines will have lists of other restrictions, which generally cover explosive, inflammable, corrosive or strongly magnetic items. Airlines also have restrictions covering the carriage of sports equipment, bikes and musical instruments in the cabin.