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Adding an extra piece of luggage or reserving a seat in advance? Now, you can do it online!
You can now add pieces of luggage to your booking or reserve your seat in advance via our website. A new channel that has been added to the Sales Center.
Additional services can be directly purchased during the flight ticket booking process. It is very simple: after entering your contact details, a screen will display what services are available (e.g. bags, seat reservation, car rental). The cost for this service will be shown once the latter has been selected.
From the moment the service has been added and confirmed, the total price of the ticket will be updated in the shopping basket. At this point, all that remains is to finalize your booking.
Additional carry-on luggage

Would you like to bring more luggage than the maximum allowed by the rate chosen? Book up to a maximum of two pieces of luggage online.
Alternatively, luggage can be added by calling the Sales Center or directly at the airport at a higher rate.
Adding extra pieces of luggage is possible for passengers who are two years of age or older. This is not applicable for children under two years of age. 
Extra pieces of luggage can be booked:
• during the online booking process (or via the Sales Center) by selecting the type of luggage to add (up to a maximum of two pieces of luggage per flight)
• afterwards, for existing bookings via the BOOKING MANAGEMENT SERVICE 
You can save booking online your adding luggage up to 8 days before your flight’s time of departure, for all flights operated by Air Dolomiti. 
IMPORTANT: Each extra piece of luggage must have the maximum dimensions and weight in accordance with the free luggage allowance. If the piece of luggage has a weight or dimensions that exceed the allowed limit, an extra charge may apply Luggage with a weight over 32 kg is not allowed.
For further information on check-in luggage, please visit the designated section
Reserving seats in advance

If you want to sit near the window or prefer more comfort and more legroom, you can reserve the best seats in advance.
Choosing a standard seat is free for all passengers via the online check-in procedure (active 23 hours before flight departure). 
However, for those wishing to purchase a seat in advance may do so:
• during the online booking process (or via the Sales Center) by selecting the seat you prefer from the seat map
• afterwards, for existing bookings via the BOOKING MANAGEMENT SERVICE 
It is possible to reserve your seat on all flights operated by Air Dolomiti up to 52 hours before departure.
For Business Class passengers the selecting seat option is included in the fare rate.
To learn more about seat reservations, see the relevant section.  
Booking management
If you have already made a reservation but would like to add a piece of check-in luggage or purchase a seat reservation, not a problem: you only need to call up your reservation via the section BOOKING MANAGEMENT. From there, you can enter your surname and booking code to view the confirmation page. By clicking on ADDITIONAL SERVICES section, it is possible to add a piece of luggage or a seat reservation and pay for the additional services.
Please note: the additional services are only available for flights operated by Air Dolomiti and are not refundable.