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Venice Lido: what to see during a summer trip in the city

Venice is built around its famous lagoon and a large number of islands with their own character and attractions.
Venice Lido is part of the city that is built upon a sandbar which guards the entrance to the lagoon, and is home to some of the city's great cultural events. If you are wondering what to see in Venice this summer, the Lido area is full of attractions, wonderful sights and romantic spectacles that are not to be missed.

The Lido is known for its stately seafront boulevard which was once one of Europe's great aristocratic meeting points. Stroll past the place where Thomas Mann wrote 'Death in Venice' or step into the the Hotel Des Bains, which was one of the locations used during the filming of the 'English Patient'. Speaking of films, Venice Lido is one of the great centres of world cinema. That's because, every summer in August and September, the district hosts the Venice Film Festival. See the stars congregate for the world's oldest film festival, or catch a film at any time at the Palazzo del Cinema where the festival's screenings take place.

The Lido area is also full of churches and historical sights. Visit the church of San Nicolo al Lido, which claims to hold the remains of St Nicholas - the patron saint of seafarers. The church was also used as a set in the James Bond film Moonraker, just another of the city's many cinematic connections. Visit more modern architectural treats as well, such as the Art Nouveau Grande Albergo Ausonia and Hungary or the elegant Excelsior Hotel. Or just order an espresso and let the world pass you by at the plazas or by the sea.

The Lido district is one of the finest parts of Venice to see by foot or bike. You can rent bikes from shops on the Gran Viale and explore boulevards, beaches and parks in the area. The terrain is all flat and easy to manage, and you can cycle to peaceful spots with gorgeous views across the city in no time at all.

For many people, the Lido's great attraction is its long sandy beach. The Adriatic coast stretches for miles to the south and visitors can enjoy seclusion, safe swimming and beautiful sunshine at beaches like Alberoni. It's a haven for any beach lovers looking for something to do in Venice after the churches and museums have all been seen.

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