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A visit to Trieste is an opportunity to get to know a unique place in Italy, where deep Mediterranean roots meet the tradition and culture of Central Europe. Rich in history, culture and tradition, Trieste hides a treasure trove of gastronomic treasures able to fully represent the essence of this city which has been able to combine the suggestions and flavours that arrived by land and by sea with proposals capable of satisfying both lovers of meat dishes and lovers of fish cuisine.

What to eat in Trieste: typical dishes

The typical dishes of Trieste reflect this diversified culinary history influenced as much by the Balkan tradition as by the German and Austrian. Among the best-known dishes, there is undoubtedly the famous Brodetto, a soup present with some variations in various regions bordering the Adriatic, prepared with small fish, seafood, crustaceans and cooked with the addition of garlic, and white wine. The Jota is not to be missed, it is a soup of beans, potatoes and sauerkraut served with lard, bacon, smoked sausage and herbs and spices, which fully expresses the style of local gastronomy.
Gnocchi de Susini, prepared with plums, boiled potatoes and cinnamon, are a delicacy to be enjoyed in typical taverns and restaurants. In the typical cuisine of Trieste, there are numerous variations of this dish, including with liver, with stale bread, and with goulash.

Speaking of Goulash, the version that can be tasted in Trieste is a cornerstone of the local cuisine, which differs from the Hungarian recipe for the use of only white onions and meat in equal measure seasoned with pork lard, marjoram, rosemary and, of course, a good dose of paprika.

Excellent main courses based on fish are the Scampi alla Busara, seasoned with peeled tomatoes, breadcrumbs, parsley and cooked with white wine and fresh chilli, and the Sardoni in Savor, fried anchovies, often also served as an appetizer, seasoned with onion, white vinegar and laurel leafs. Trieste also offers a wide choice of desserts. The Strucolo in Straza, a particular type of strudel which is prepared with leavened dough wrapped in a cloth and which is cooked in boiling water is particularly popular. The one with walnuts and dried raisins is typical, but there are numerous variations that are ideal for finishing off a good meal.

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