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Linz: The Best Attractions

Once the nerve centre of Austrian industry and a crossroads of commercial traffic since Roman times, Linz is a modern vibrant city, projected towards the future and sensitive to eco-sustainable development models. Discover Linz with flights operated by Air Dolomiti and get ready for a journey where culture and modernity coexist in a unique atmosphere, together with engaging festivals and wonderful museums.


Halfway between Salzburg and Vienna, by population Linz is the third largest city in Austria. Overlooking the banks of the Danube, a river that has allowed the centre to expand trade and install important industries in the steel, mechanical and textile sectors, Linz has been able to project itself into the future over the last few decades, while maintaining its spirit and traditions intact.


The great tradition of classical music is carried on today thanks to festivals such as the Klassik Am Dom, which usually takes place in the Piazza del Duomo, an imposing neo-Gothic structure erected towards the second half of the nineteenth century, and to the frequent and quality programming of the concerts that take place in the beautiful setting of the Bruknerhaus theatre, world famous for the quality of its acoustics.


For an experience immersed in artistic masterpieces, however, you cannot miss a visit to the Lentos Kunstmuseum which hosts a collection of works by the most important painters of the first half of the twentieth century and temporary exhibitions of contemporary art in an ultra-modern and functional structure.


Travelling to Linz with Air Dolomiti is simple and comfortable, thanks to the Blue Danube Airport, which is just 12 km away and is well-connected to the city centre by bus, the 601, or by the combined shuttle bus and train service that connects Hörsching. with the capital of Upper Austria, with a travel time ranging from 20 to 30 minutes. For those who decide to rent a car at the airport, the easiest way to reach Linz is the B139 motorway. There are several services inside the airport for single travellers and families, including restaurants and duty-free.


Read the advice in the guide that Air Dolomiti has prepared for you and choose what to see, what to do and what to eat on your trip to Linz, a city where art, modernity and tradition coexist in balance and harmony.

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