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Kalmar Castle, Sweden

Imposing, scenic, iconic: Kalmar Castle is one of the essential places to visit for those who travel to the city of Småland on vacation or for work, a point of reference in the history and culture not only of the region, but in all of Sweden. Get ready to visit the structure, to learn its secrets and to immerse yourself in a journey spanning 8 centuries, while admiring its halls and evocative panoramas.



Built, in its original form, around the middle of the 12th century on a small island near the medieval port, the Kalmar castle protected the commercial traffic of the area from pirate attacks. During the 1200s, the structure was reinforced with high towers and strong walls: the fortress was close to the border with Denmark, which occupied Scania, in the south of the country. It was precisely this proximity that placed the fortress at the centre of history, thanks to the so-called Kalmar Union. In 1389, it was here that Danish troops defeated Albert of Mecklenburg, King of Sweden, thus starting the unification of the Scandinavian kingdoms and their colonies under the control of the Danish queen Margaret I. Since then, Kalmar Castle has been the scene of intrigue, alliances and fierce battles that have accompanied it, through a unique and fascinating time right up to the present day.


Kalmar Castle today

Today, Kalmar Castle is a cultural centre and one of the most popular venues for events in the city. Participating in guided tours, it is possible to discover the royal apartments, visit the dungeons and stroll along the wide ramparts which offer a beautiful view of the sea. The permanent collections tell the story of the Union, the Kalmar War, which pitted Sweden against Denmark and Norway between 1611 and 1613 in a conflict that bloodied the region, and the golden age of the Vasa dynasty.
There are also numerous temporary exhibitions, with immersive installations and thematic itineraries suitable for adults and children, with insights dedicated to different historical and artistic eras, from the Renaissance to Impressionism. Kalmar castle is also a place to relax and savour tasty reinterpretations of local dishes, with elegant and refined cuisine in a truly unique setting.


Times and tickets

Kalmar Castle can be visited every day, from Friday to Monday from 10.00 to 18.00 and from Tuesday to Thursday from 10.00 to 20.00. The cost of admission for adults is 180 Swedish crowns, just over 15 euros: special prices are available for children, students and seniors.


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