Discover German cuisine

Typical Frankfurt dish: Handkäs' mit Musik

If you are leaving for a trip to Frankfurt, you should also dedicate an important place on your itinerary to gastronomy. In addition to numerous architectural and cultural attractions, the city offers plenty of opportunities to savour some of the tastiest specialties of German cuisine.


Here are some recommendations on what to eat in Frankfurt.

- The Frankfurter, a sausage accompanied by sauerkraut and potatoes, is a must in German cuisine! Simple, but really good, especially if accompanied by an excellent German beer. Sit in one of the restaurants in the city centre and enjoy a German-style lunch or dinner.

- Grüne Soße, green sauce, used as a condiment, is made up of 7 aromatic herbs. In restaurants it very often accompanies hard-boiled eggs, Frankfurter Schnitzel and potatoes, almost like our mayonnaise and it is usually served on a side.

- Do not miss out on Handkäs' mit Musik, which a soft cheese accompanied by a marinade nicknamed "music" made with raw onions. What is it about? Eating a soft cheese accompanied by onion, all while listening to traditional songs and music.

- Another symbol of Frankfurt cuisine is the Pretzel. It can be found in the numerous kiosks around the city and you can choose between plain, with sesame, poppy or sunflower seeds, or covered with cheese. You can take your pick.

- And as a dessert to finish, the Frankfurter Kranz, or Frankfurt Crown Cake, is a delicious cake that pleases everyone!

The base is made with crown-shaped sponge cake, which features two or three thick rings of butter cream icing and a choice of jams between strawberry, blackcurrant and cherry. Its shape apparently resembles a crown, just like those of the ancient German emperors who were crowned in Frankfurt, and the cherries represent rubies.


Finally, beer lovers will be able to taste some icons of the German brewing tradition, such as Weisenbier, made with wheat instead of barley, and Rauchbier, with its unmistakable smoky flavour. Despite the excellent beers, the typical drink of the city remains Apfelwein, apple cider served in cups called Bembele.


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