Main Tower in Frankfurt am Main

Main Tower, the soaring skyscraper, symbol of the most modern part of Frankfurt

If you decide to visit Frankfurt am Main, a visit to the Main Tower cannot be missed. The soaring skyscraper, symbol of the most modern part of this German city, offers its visitors an exclusive observation point of the skyline thanks to a truly breath-taking panoramic view. One particular feature of the building is its elevator, which is touted as being the fastest in Germany and climbs at an average of 7 metres per second (equal to 25.2 km per hour); the maximum load is 26 people.


Discovering Main Tower in Frankfurt: the height will surprise you

Admire the amazing view of Frankfurt am Main from above: get up to the top of this imposing skyscraper and go out onto the Main Tower’s terrace: the view will leave you speechless! Despite not being the tallest building in the city, with its 200 metres of height, the Main Tower can be included among the most characteristic attractions of the German metropolis, with a panoramic view that is as good as those from some the more famous and adored skyscrapers in New York. From the top of this modern structure, inaugurated on 28 January 2000, two observation platforms open to the public allow visitors to enjoy an exclusive view of the beating heart of the city, as well as one of the most important financial centres in all of Europe. The Main Tower is located on Neue Mainzer Straße 52-58 and is enclosed by the Eurotower on one side, the skyscraper that houses the European Central Bank, by the Commerzbank Tower skyscraper, by the Japan Tower and by the Deutsche Bank Twin Towers, each of which standing 155 metres tall; on the other side you can see the characteristic Main river from which the city takes its name, the main Romerberg square, the German Stock Exchange and the original Alte Oper opera house.


Opening hours to visit the Main Tower in Frankfurt am Main

During the winter season, the terrace of the Main Tower is open every day from 10 am to 7 pm, with extended hours until 9 pm on Fridays and Saturdays. In the summer the top of the skyscraper can be accessed until 9 pm from Sunday to Thursday, with extended hours until 11 pm on the weekends. To enjoy an excellent view of the city you need to go up to the top floor and buy a ticket to access the panoramic terrace; otherwise, you can stop for a drink or a gala dinner at the Main Tower Restaurant & Lounge Bar located on the 53rd floor of the building. If you are a fitness lover you could also enjoy the experience of exercising in the gym which directly overlooks the view of "Mainhattan".


The skyscraper is not just a tourist attraction: it houses the offices of many famous companies such as the Landesbank Hessen-Thuringen (Helaba) bank and it housed the Hessinscher Rundfunk television studios until 2015.

Visitors can also admire two important works of art free of charge in the hall: the wall mosaic by Stephan Huber and the video installation “The World of Appearances” by Bill Viola.


Set off to discover Frankfurt am Main and visit the Main Tower to enjoy an excellent view of the entire city from above! Book your flight with Air Dolomiti, where air travel is convenient and comfortable!