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Florence: travel guide

Florence, cradle of the Renaissance, is one of the most popular cities among tourists visiting Italy. With its museums, churches and buildings, it is home to some of the most important art treasures in the world.
The city owes its glory to the Medici family which governed it for generations, and to the celebrated artists who lived there, like Michelangelo, Brunelleschi, Donatello – to name but a few – and experienced its greatest splendour in the Renaissance period. The old town centre, the architecture and city itself still bear mute witness to this historic period.
Simply walking through the streets of the town centre transports you back into the past. This is a place that has remained intact, there is a genuineness to the city and its people, just as has been described by so many famous poets and writers.
Florence is the ideal city for families, friends or couples. It offers a wide choice of attractions to interest everyone, both by day and by night. The town centre is a pedestrian area, and the places of greatest interest are all within easy walking distance.