The beaches of Salento: a hidden paradise in Southern Italy

A crystal-clear beach on the Ionian Sea, Salento

Salento, the southern end of Puglia, is a land with crystal-clear sea and breathtaking beaches. Leave with Air Dolomiti towards Brindisi and travel to discover these natural wonders, where the fine sand meets the transparent water of the Mediterranean. From the Ionian coast to the Adriatic, Salento offers a perfect mix of natural beauty, culture and traditions to be experienced to the full.

Salento beaches: the Ionian coast

The beaches of Salento which are located on the Ionian coast are famous for their golden sand. A trip to Puglia will allow you to discover the beautiful Punta Prosciutto, near Porto Cesareo, a place about an hour from Brindisi that stands out for its uncontaminated beauty. With its dazzlingly coloured shallow waters, it is ideal for both families and those who love long walks by the sea, while Porto Cesareo, with its protected marine area, offers a unique experience for snorkeling and lovers of diving.

Located near Gallipoli is Punta della Suina, considered one of the most beautiful beaches in Salento. A stretch of coast with emerald green waters, surrounded by a beautiful pine forest, welcomes tourists with its natural pools and rocks from which suggestive sunsets can be enjoyed in the evening.

Salento Sea: the Adriatic coast

On the Adriatic coast, the beaches alternate with high cliffs and hidden coves. For those who love the latter, Cala d'Acqua Viva deserves a visit, a sort of fjord in the southernmost part of Salento characterized by high cliffs that plunge into a turquoise sea. Closer to Brindisi, just 20 km away, there is the splendid protected marine area of Torre Guaceto, with a series of small beaches, one after another, which are home to a large number of animal and plant species. Near Otranto, a town that is just over 40 minutes' drive from Lecce, there are some pearls of Salento, such as Baia dei Turchi. Here, long swims are a favourite activity for swimmers of all ages.

The beaches of Salento are truly one of the most beautiful attractions of Puglia, a naturalistic treasure of inestimable value that deserves to be discovered and experienced according to the rhythms and customs typical of southern Italy. Travel with Air Dolomiti to Brindisi and set off to discover this strip of land projected into the splendid waters of the Mediterranean Sea and discover the warmth and colours of a magical land.