Visit Mesagne: a hidden gem in Puglia

Detail of the Mother Church facade in Mesagne, Apulia

Located in the beating heart of Puglia, along the Appian Way which connected ancient Rome to Brindisi, Mesagne is a charming village that enchants visitors with its rich historical heritage, its cultural traditions and its fascinating architecture. Homeland of the Messapian civilization, one of the most evocative destinations in northern Salento, the Apulian town is among the must-see destinations for those traveling to Brindisi and wanting to discover the surrounding area. Follow the Air Dolomiti travel tips to discover this magical village, which is one of a kind.


An ancient story

The history of Mesagne has its roots in antiquity, as demonstrated by the numerous archaeological finds from the Messapian, Roman and medieval periods found in the area and in part to be seen in the Granafei Archaeological Museum. You can breathe history throughout the centre, which is famous for being shaped like a heart: it is useless to try to orient yourself or find a logical meaning among its narrow, cobbled streets and ancient noble palaces overlooking the suggestive irregularly shaped squares that tell of bygone eras. Better to let yourself be guided by curiosity and discover the beauty of this place step by step, like the Norman-Swabian Castle, symbol of Mesagne, which has stood as guardian of the city for centuries.


The baroque churches of Mesagne

Mesagne boasts an extraordinary ecclesiastical heritage, with baroque churches that are true works of art. The Mother Church, dedicated to Sant'Anna, is the beating heart of local spirituality. With its imposing facade and richly decorated interiors, it represents a sublime example of Apulian religious architecture. Other churches, such as Santa Maria in Betlem and the Carmine church, offer visitors an unforgettable artistic journey.

Mesagne is alive all year round with cultural events, festivals and fairs that celebrate local traditions. However, a visit cannot be considered complete without tasting orecchiette with ragù and rice with potatoes and mussels, delicacies to be accompanied with a good glass of red wine, Primitivo or Negroamaro.


How to get to Mesagne

Mesagne can be reached easily from Brindisi, both by car and public transport, thanks to the numerous trains and buses in service. The city can be explored on foot, allowing visitors to fully immerse themselves in its lively atmosphere. Book your flight with Air Dolomiti to Brindisi and do not miss the opportunity to spend a day in Mesagne, a treasure of Puglia where history, culture and gastronomy come together in an unforgettable travel experience.

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