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Decrees and regulations

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  • Flexible waiver policy
  • Decrees and regulations
    • Latest precautionary measures for passengers and employees against the new Coronavirus (COVID-19)

      Our highest priority has always been the safety of our passengers and staff members. In the light of the foregoing, we constantly seek to ensure you a safe and pleasant stay on board.
      According to the latest directives of the Italian Ministry of Transport, we have taken more stringent precautionary measures to safeguard our travelers’ and employees’ wellbeing. 

      Among the necessary measures we can highlight the following:
      - Use of protective masks for both passengers and staff members - please read the paragraph about the obligation of wearing a mouth-nose cover with effect from Monday, 4 May 2020
      - Temperature checks for all passengers, where applicable 
      Self-certification is still required for flights entering Italy: you can download here the updated self-declaration for entry in Italy from abroad.
    • Current entry requirements

      Entry restrictions might be subject to change on short notice. Therefore, it is essential that you inform yourself, before you start your journey, about the current entry requirements for your destination as well as the regulations at the departure and destination airports.

      For Italy: self-certification is required for flights entering Italy, you can download here the updated self-declaration for entry in Italy from abroad.
      Latest updates to check before your departure are available on the official page of the Italian Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International cooperation.

      For Germany you will find all information on the "Entry & Residence" pages of the Federal Foreign Office website or the ​​Robert-Koch-Institute.

      The latest entry restrictions can also be found onthe ​​IATA Travel Center Website.

    • Obligation to wear a surgical mask (mouth-nose-cover)

      Every passenger, since Monday May 4th, must cover the mouth and the nose on board on all Air Dolomiti and Lufthansa's flights and at the airport. Protective masks are mandatory for all the passengers. Moreover, face shields (masks with a protector visor) and FFP2 masks with a valve are not permitted on board. All cabin crew with direct customer contact will of course also be wearing appropriate protection. 

      According to All. 1 DPCM of 14th July 2020, on each flight from/to and within Italy the use of surgical masks is mandatory on board (cloth masks are allowed only if certified as chirurgical face mask) .

      The only exceptions to the obligation are children under the age of 6 and persons who are not allowed to wear a mask for health reasons. 


      We only accept exception from the obligation to wear a mask on presentation of a validated negative PCR test result  and a medical certificate on a corresponding Lufthansa Group form. The negative test result must be dated and issued no more than 48 hours prior to flight departure. This applies to both the outbound and the return flight. You can download here our medical certificate form for exemption of wearing a mouth-nose-cover.

      We take these protective measures very seriously and reserve the right to take appropriate action in case of non-compliance.

      Thank you for helping to protect all passengers!

    • Important information for passengers flying to Sardinia

      With reference to recent Sardinia's Governor Decrees, all passengers travelling to Sardinia with any mean of transport, must register themselves before departure, and transport companies have to verify before boarding receipt of this registration together with usual and standard travel documents.

      The registration form is available online, no need for printing, via Sardinia region website or through the Sardegna Sicura App. Once registration is done and complete, passengers will receive an email of receipt together with ID code and ID number. This receipt must be shown at check-in or gate before departure as proof of registration for travelling to Sardinia

      Please consult the website of Regione Sardegna for further details.


    • Changes in hand luggage rules

      Due to new regulations at the aviation security checkpoints, you are currently only allowed to carry on board one piece of hand luggage regardless of the fare purchased: your hand baggage can be placed inside the overhead bins or under the seat in front of you. If you have purchased a fare that allows 2 pieces of hand luggage (for example Business Class fares) you can bring only one bag on board with you and register the other bag in hold.
      Should you need to stow personal clothing in the overhead bin Italian authorities request that garments shall be placed in a sealed disposable container: our cabin crew will be happy to provide one on request. At your convenience you can also use a clothing hanger available on every seat. 

      We have adapted our baggage regulations for you so that every piece of hand luggage that complies with the rules (dims max 55x40x20cm and max 8kg) can now be checked in free of charge – even if you have booked a Light fare. We kindly recommend all passengers to deliver their handbag at the check-in counter, even if it is not mandatory anymore.

      This also applies to transit passengers in Germany who pass through security checks.

      Please bear in mind already when packing that you need to heed the information regarding dangerous goods in checked-in baggage.

    • Important information for passengers flying to Sicily

      With reference to recent Sicily's Governor Decrees, all passengers travelling to Sicily must register themselves online before departure and show a receipt of the registration for to the airline before boarding, together with usual and standard travel documents.
      The registration form is available online, on SiciliaSiCura website; a mobile App is also available.

    • Self Declaration COVID-19 and online check-in temporarily limited for some routes

      According to All. 1 DPCM of 14th July 2020 passengers departing from Italy are requested to fill in the “Self Declaration COVID-19”: the online form is available here and can be filled in at most one day in advance to departure. 
      The copy of your completed declaration will be sent as a PDF to the e-mail address specified in the form and you will be asked to show it, on your personal device or in printed version, at the airport check-in desks in order to collect your boarding pass.
      Please consider that each passenger has to complete and sign a form for each leg.

      If your flight is departing from Italy and you are using online check-in, we kindly invite you to go to the airport check-in counters to collect your boarding pass.

      We apologize for the inconvenience and thank you for your understanding.

    • Mandatory self-declaration in case of entry into Italy from abroad

      According to order of the Italian Minister for Health dated 12th August 2020 passengers entering Italy are requested to fill a self-declaration.

      You can download here the updated self-declaration in case of entry into Italy from abroad , fill and deliver to our staff once on board.
      Alternatively you can complete it directly on board on our flights flying to Italy.


    • Important information for passengers flying to Apulia

      With reference to the President of the Apulia Region's ordinance n. 245 of 2020 and n. 335 of 2020,  passengers traveling to Apulia must fill in the self-report. People entering for work, health or reasons of urgency are not required to complete the form. Passengers who have transited through or have been in Croatia, Greece, Malta or Spain are subject to self-isolation for 14 days.

      The registration form and additional important information are available online on the official Apulia Region website.

  • Rebooking options