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Arbitration board

If your journey is a private one, then in the case of flight disputes you have the right to contact the ‘Schlichtungsstelle für den öffentlichen Personenverkehr e.V.’ (SÖP), Germany’s independent arbitration board for public passenger transport that oversees all carriers.

Air Dolomiti is a member of SÖP and we would like to inform you that there is the possibility to ask for a conciliation process free of charge if you have concerns relating to:

•    denied boarding, long delays or cancellation of flights;
•    the destruction, damage, loss or delayed transportation of baggage, or
•    breaches of duty in the transportation of disabled passengers or passengers with reduced mobility,

provided that

•    you have already contacted Air Dolomiti about your concerns and have not received a reply within two months or
•    you are dissatisfied with the way your concern has been handled or disagree with how your claim was processed by Air Dolomiti.
•    Your financial claim amounts to at least 10 euros and no more than 5,000 euros.
•    Your concern is not already, or has not been, pending before a court or has been settled.
•    Your trip is a private trip