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Preliminary info

    • Are there any special rules for pregnant women?

      For women with uncomplicated pregnancies flying is problem free. Nevertheless we recommend that pregnant women talk to their doctor in advance about their forthcoming flight.

      Expectant mothers with complication-free pregnancies can fly with Air Dolomiti until the end of the 36th week of pregnancy or up to four weeks before their expected due date without a medical certificate from a gynaecologist. However, we recommend that expectant mothers beyond the 28th week of their pregnancies carry a current letter from a gynaecologist which includes the following:

      o    confirmation that the pregnancy is progressing without complications
      o    the expected due date
      o    the doctor should expressly state that the patient’s pregnancy does not prevent her from flying.

      In the case of an uncomplicated pregnancy with twins or a multiple pregnancy, it is possible to fly until the end of the 28th week of pregnancy.

    • How can I ask for any special assistance?

      Contact Air Dolomiti Sales Center if you want to:

      •    Arrange assistance at the airport during boarding, disembarking and/or transfer
      •    Bring your own (manual or electric) wheelchair and/or use a cabin wheelchair
      •    Bring special medical equipment 
      •    Bring your assistance dog into the cabin

      •    You need to request special assistance (and book your flight) at least 48 hours before departure. 
      •    You must check in at the airport at least half an hour before the recommended check-in time

    • Can I carry my pets in the cabin?

      Small cats or dogs may be taken into the Economy and Business Classes:

      •    In a leak and bite proof IATA-approved pet travel bag with max. dimensions 55x40x23 cm. Your pet must be able to stand up and lie down comfortably.
      •    Total weight of pet + travel bag or kennel: max 8 kg (18 lbs).
      •    The kennel must be placed under the seat in front of you. Pets must stay in their travel bags or kennels at all times.

      Reservations must be made by telephone at least 48 hours in advance. Please note that we can only accommodate a limited number of kennels in the cabin. 

      Charge per flight: €50

    • What about pets as check-in baggage?

      Your cat or dog may travel in a temperature-controlled, pressurized hold:

      •    In a kennel that complies with IATA rules and does not exceed the following measures: 100X65X70 cm.  
      •    The transport container must be large enough for the animal to stand in its natural position, to turn around and to lie down. 
      •    The transport container must be designed to be leak-proof, e.g. lined with absorbent material such as newspapers, cardboard or blankets. 
      •    The container must be escape proof. We recommend sturdy plastic or wood containers made from harmless and non-toxic material. Wire-mesh cages are not allowed. 
      •    To prevent the animal from injuring itself, the interior of the container must not have any sharp corners, edges or nails. 
      •    If the container has castors, these must be removed. 
      •    Food and water bowls (empty) must be attached to the inside or the outside of the container. The material must be harmless and non-toxic. 
      •    Transport containers must have ventilation holes on at least three sides . 
      •    The animal’s lead, harness or tether must be tied or affixed to the top of the container. You can also carry it in your hand luggage. This ensures that there is no risk of your animal strangling itself in the container. 

      Breeds which are classified as fighting dogs may only be transported in special containers/crates. This does not apply to puppies between 3 and 6 months old. The following breeds and crossbreeds are classified as fighting dogs: 
      •    American Pit Bull Terrier 
      •    American Staffordshire Terrier 
      •    Staffordshire Bull Terrier 
      •    Bull Terrier (Miniature Bull Terriers are not considered fighting dogs) 
      •    American Bulldog 
      •    Caucasian Ovcharka (Caucasian Shepherd Dog)  
      •    Dogo Argentino 
      •    Karabash (Kangal Dog) (Anatolian Shepherd Dog) 
      •    Rottweiler 

      Dogs which belong to the pug-nosed breeds are especially sensitive to temperature and stress. We therefore recommend that you do not transport your dog if the temperature at your departure, transfer or destination airport is very high. The at-risk breeds include: 

      •    Boston Terrier 
      •    Boxer 
      •    Bull Dog (all breeds except the American Bulldog) 
      •    Chow Chow 
      •    Brussels Griffon 
      •    Japanese Chin 
      •    English Toy Spaniel 
      •    Pugs 
      •    Pekinese 
      •    Shih Tzu 
      This recommendation also applies to crossbreeds.

      Always make the reservation for your pet’s transportation by telephone at least 48 hours in advance. 

      Charge per flight:

      - for flights within Europe and third countries -> € 100,00 for kennels up to 60x45x40cm
      - for flights within Italy -> € 70,00 for kennels up to 60x45x40cm

      - for flights within Europe and third countries -> € 200,00 for kennels up to 80x55x55cm or to 100x65x70cm
      - for flights within Italy -> € 150,00 for kennels up to 80x55x55cm or to 100x65x70cm

    • Does Air Dolomiti accept guide and assistance dogs on board?

      You have the option of taking a guide dog or other assistance dog with you free of charge.
      We recommend that you use a dog harness and muzzle. However, the number of animals allowed in the cabin is limited, so please let us know in good time if you wish to travel with a guide dog or assistance dog.
      Please also note that in some countries special regulations apply to the entry of animals and we recommend that you find out about the rules in advance.

    • What are the rights of persons with reduced mobility when travelling by air?

      On July 26th 2008 the EC Regulation No. 1107/2006 concerning the rights of disabled persons and persons with reduced mobility when travelling by air has become effective.
      The purpose of the regulation is to assure

      "[...] the protection of and provision of assistance to disabled persons and persons with reduced mobility travelling by air, both to protect them against discrimination and to ensure that they receive assistance." (art. 1).

      Download the EC Regulation No. 1107/2006.
      The basic concern of the regulation is to guarantee to disabled persons and persons with reduced mobility the equal participation in air transport.
      The prescriptions established by the regulation include the whole set of services required for all the activities concerning departure from, transit through and arrival at the airport.

      To take advantage of the services of assistance it will be necessary to make a notification of the need for assistance to the air carrier or it's agent or the tour operator concerned at least 48 hours before the published time of departure of the flight.

      For further information regarding the assistance under the responsibility of the managing bodies of airports click here.
      For further information regarding the assistance by air carriers click here.

      Airports offer a wide range of assistance services to disabled persons and persons with reduced mobility. You will find useful information on the official website of the interested airport.

    • Is an airline ticket valid in lieu of a receipt for claiming tax relief for expenses?

      Yes, in Italy airline tickets are held to be the equivalent of a receipt and as such fully comply with requirement to issue documentation recording payment received for services. This point was clarified in the Italian Revenue Agency’s Act No.349/E issued 28/11/2007.

    • Can children fly unaccompanied?

      Children aged between 5 and 11 years may only fly unaccompanied if they are using our special service or if they are travelling with someone who is at least 12 years old. Reserving the service is mandatory for all children aged 5 up to 11 years old. You can also (optionally) reserve the Unaccompanied Minor service if your child is between 12 and 17 years old and travelling on his own.

      To book this service you must provide the contact details of the person who will bring the child to the airport on departure, as well as the person who will meet the child at the airport on arrival (Full name, address, phone number and kinship degree). 

      Children with an Italian passport under 14 years of age, must hold a completed ‘Dichiarazione di Affido’ when travelling out of Italy. This must be obtained from a local police office as it is not available at the airport.

      This form must be carried with your child’s passport. Travel will be denied if the form is not completed.

      If you do not live in Italy the authorization can be issued by the Italian Embassy or Consulate.


      Domestic flights (within Italy) € 40,00
      For European sectors (within Europa) € 60,00
      For Intercontinental sectors € 100,00


    • Ban of Samsung Galaxy Note 7 devices

      Transportation of the Samsung Galaxy Note 7 smartphones is prohibited on all Air Dolomiti aircrafts for safety reasons. They are not allowed in either checked luggage or carry-on bags, even if switched off.
      If you own one of these devices, please leave it home. Thank you!

    • Can I make a name change after I have booked?

      Name changes are not allowed.
      In case of wrong typing, the amendment in the name/surname of the passenger is possible up to a maximum of 3 letters.
      Please note that the above mentioned amendment is not allowed in case the change involves a different gender of the passenger (male/female)
        wrong ROSSI/MARIO MR -> right ROSSI/MARINO -> ALLOWED

      Passengers are kindly requested to notify any misspelling and possible adjustments calling our Sales Center office at the number +390452886140 within 2 working days before departure.


    • Can I choose and reserve my seat in advance?

      The seat reservation is free of charge for reservations made until 31st January 2017.
      For confirmed reservations starting from 1st February 2017 (no waiting list bookings) you can book seats paying a small surcharge.
      Air Dolomiti passengers can choose and reserve seats up to 52 hours before departure. 

      Economy Class passengers can reserve seats in advance on all flights operated by Air Dolomiti under the following conditions:

      Seat Reservation
      (SEAT automated pricing)
      € 10,00
      Preferred Zone Seat
      (SEAT automated pricing)
      € 15,00
      Extra legroom seat
      (SEAT automated pricing)
      € 25,00

      The seat reservation is free of charge for passengers in Business Class (EMOTION fare).

      Seats in emergency exit rows
      For passengers who wish to reserve seats located in the emergency exit rows, the following conditions apply:

      -you are at least 12 years old
      -you are in a position to perform the required duties without the assistance of a flight attendant, parent or other relative
      -you are willing to assist in the unlikely event of an emergency
      -you are able to read and understand instructions, and comply with crew instructions in the event of an emergency
      -you are not travelling with someone who will be dependent on your assistance in an emergency
      -you do not have a condition or responsibility that might restrict your ability to perform these duties or could lead you to suffer physical injury or harm in the performance of these duties
      -you speak good Italian or English
      -you are not travelling with a pet in the cabin.

      Pregnant women are not eligible for seats in an emergency exit row.

      For safety reasons, Air Dolomiti is entitled to allocate another seat before departure to passengers who cannot satisfy these requirements. If you do not meet the above-listed conditions for a seat in an emergency exit row, paid-for seat reservations cannot be refunded.
      Please also note that any carry-on baggage you have must be stowed in the overhead lockers because during take-off and landing no objects must be in the seating area or under the seats of an emergency exit row.

      Choose your seat free of charge during check-in
      All the seats which are still available can, of course, still be selected free of charge as soon as check-in for the flight in question opens – usually this is from 23 hours before departure. Please note, however, that by this time the choice of seats may be limited.

      Adding or changing a seat after booking your flight
      You can book or change your seat reservation contacting Air Dolomiti Sales Center (+390452886140 Available Monday-Friday 8:30 am - 8:00 pm; Saturday-Sunday 9:00 am - 5:00 pm Except public holidays).
      Please note that changes are only possible on seats with the same or lower price and already paid charges will not be refunded.

      Operationally necessary seat changes
      If Air Dolomiti has to change your seat reservation, for example because of a last-minute change to the aircraft type deployed, Air Dolomiti will do its best to reserve a new, equivalent seat for you automatically. In these cases priority is firstly given to passengers who are travelling together, such as families, so that they can still sit next to each other. After that, there is the allocation of seats with more legroom in the emergency exit rows and of aisle and window seats. If it is not possible to allocate you a new seat equivalent to your original, then you are entitled to a refund of the amount you paid for your seat reservation. Please contact Air Dolomiti Sales Center to arrange this. Where seat changes have to be made for operationally necessary reasons, you unfortunately have no legal right to a certain seat, only to the category, such as an aisle or window seat.
      If you receive an upgrade from Air Dolomiti for operational reasons or as a gesture of goodwill, paid-for seat reservations cannot be refunded.

      Ticket rebookings and refunds
      You can change or cancel your airline ticket with an existing seat reservation contacting Air Dolomiti Sales Center.

      If you have paid a fee for the seat reservation on the flight that you wish to change, Air Dolomiti will automatically try to book you an equivalent seat on your new flight. Please note that amounts already paid for seat reservations cannot be refunded if there are no seats or no equivalent seats available for reservation on the changed flight.

      Should you wish to cancel your journey, paid-for seat reservations will automatically be taken into account and refunded according to the standard terms and conditions where applicable.

      Paid-for seat reservations cannot be refunded if:
      -  you change your seat, but the new seat is cheaper than the one you originally booked or is free of charge;
      - you rebook your flight, but there are no longer equivalent seats available on the new flight; seat reservations on the new flight are free of charge;
      - you change your flight and in the process change the routing (no guarantee of equivalent seating).