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Hold luggage

  • Delivery at Aircraft
    • Hold luggage

      If you have purchased a Light Fare ticket, you have the option of adding luggage to your reservation by calling the Air Dolomiti Call Center*. You get the best rates if you pay up to one day prior departure – or you may pay for your extra luggage at a higher rate at the airport.

      You may add extra bags for adults and children, except infants (children under two).

        Economy LIGHT – Excess Baggage Fees  
        not later than 24 hours prior departure Departure day
      First bag €35 €50
      Second or extra bag €50 €50


        Economy PLUS and Business EMOTION – Excess baggage Fees  
        not later than 24 hours prior departure Departure day
      First suitcase INCLUDED INCLUDED
      Second or extra suitcase €50 €50


      Fees are per leg for each passenger.

      Each extra bag can be up to the same size and weight as a standard checked bag. If at the airport your luggage exceeds the standard allowance either in weight and dimension, a surcharge may be applied. Bags over 32kg cannot be checked in.

      If the extra baggage fare is paid for at the airport, an extra fee may be applicable. 

      * Please call our Sales Center to add the luggage if you own an Air Dolomiti ticket (starting with 101-xxxxxxxx).