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FlorenceTravel guide

Called the "birthplace of the Renaissance", this splendid city of art combines history, tradition and society life all at once. The Uffizi Gallery, Giotto's Campanile, the Baptistery, Santa Maria del Fiore and Palazzo Pitti are just some of the many enchanting attractions to visit. 
Florence is not just art and museums. Walking the streets of the historic city centre, you can try a good glass of wine in one of the many enotecas and wine bars. And you can enjoy an aperitif or a cup of coffee in one of the characteristic piazzas in the city, and immerse yourself in one of the numerous venues that stay open well into the night. Book now and fly to Florence from Munich!

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Stibbert Museum

Frederick began his collection of arms and armour as soon as he came of age and returned from his study period in England. His interest covered also costumes, paintings, tapestries, furniture and other applied arts. The museum includes archaeological items, music instruments, liturgical objects, etc.Today the collection amounts to 36.000 inventory numbers for about 50.000 items. 


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