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FlorenceTravel guide

The "Birthplace of the Renaissance", this splendid city of art combines history, tradition and social life in one. The Uffizi Gallery, Giotto's Campanile, the Baptistery, Santa Maria del Fiore and Palazzo Pitti are just some of the many enchanting attractions to visit.
Florence isn't just art and museums. Take a walk through the streets of the historic centre and try a glass of fine wine in one of the many wine bars. Enjoy an aperitif or a coffee in one of the city's characteristic piazzas, or head to one of the several  venues that stay open well into the small hours.
Read our tips and discover what to do, see and eat in Florence to make your trip unforgettable. Book your direct flight from Munich now!


Why Florence?

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Events in Florence

Cortona on the move 2017

17th July - 1st October 2017

Cortona On The Move is an international festival of photography which surveys the world for new visions and concepts, from its privileged position in the ancient Tuscan hills, famous for their artistic and cultural tradition. Exhibitions from 17th July until 1st October.


Feast of St. Reparata

Sunday 8th October 2017

The feast day of St Reparata, one of the city's patron saints.