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  • Verona - Travel guides


    Apart from Venice no other north Italian city evokes as many pleasurable associations as Verona (255,000 inhabitants), the city of Romeo and Juliet. Visitors look forward to a...
  • Venice - Travel guides


    No visitor to the lagoon city encounters this wonder of the world without preconceptions: It has been described, sung about and depicted in pictures and films so often that it...
  • Florence - Travel guides


    Florence is a small scale metropolis and one of the most beautiful cities in the world. Old and young, singles and couples, art lovers, gourmets, fans of shopping and...
  • Bari - Travel guides


    Bari (312,000 inhabitants), the capital of Apulia, has done much to improve its reputation. The population explosion of the last decades caused by urbanisation and fairly...
  • Bergamo - Travel guides


    Today, just as in former times, the imposing church and city towers of Bergamo rise up above the hill. Entering the upper city through St Augustine's Gate (Porta Sant’Agostino)...
  • Bologna - Travel guides


    Maybe it’s the colours of Bologna that make the most lasting impression. The matt colours of the façades in all possible tones of red, yellow and brown, and the colours of the...
  • Milan - Travel guides


    You could easily spend a week in search of high culture, or checking out Milan’s young designer scene, or spend days window shopping – this city has many facets and each of...
  • Pisa - Travel guides


    Every year millions of holiday makers admire Pisa’s famous landmark and ignore the rest of the town (88,000 inhabitants) near the mouth of the River Arno.  And yet, this...
  • Turin - Travel guides


    Having been a rather sleeping beauty for a long time, Turin has woken up to new life. Turin was the first capital of the newly founded Kingdom of Italy (1861-1865). Now a city...
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