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The must see beaches near Brindisi

The coast around Brindisi is some of the least developed, most naturally beautiful in the entire Italian peninsular, and there are plenty of spots to unroll your towel and relax in the Puglian sunshine. 

Lido Morelli near Ostuni is one of the finest beaches in the region. Located in the protected Parco delle Dune Costiere, Lido Morelli has some of the finest, softest white sand in the Mediterranean and it is popular, without becoming packed in the summer months. You can also combine a day at the beach with a visit to the gorgeous "white city" of Ostuni a few miles inland.

Also in the Ostuni region, Lido Specchiolla is another must see places. Located near the town of Carovigno, Specchiolla is famed for its brilliant white sands, rocky inlets and tucked away little coves. It's a popular spot with locals, but an undiscovered gem for many international visitors.

For a wilder, more isolated option, there are beaches at Brindisi like Torre Pozzelle. With a campsite at one end, Torre Pozzelle has fine sand that is broken up by rocky headlands, creating secluded corners to sunbathe and picnic. Nature lovers should head into the Torre Guaceto Nature Reserve, where hotels and bars are completely absent. Here, you can be alone with the birds, sands and lapping tide. You may well also see a flamingo relaxing in the park. Cycle treks, snorkelling and bike hire are all available from the visitor centre as well, making it a great family beach destination.

Visitors might also consider taking a boat trip to the Tremiti Islands. These islands attract scuba divers from all over the world due to their underground caves, but they also offer tiny beaches that you can have to yourself, even at the height of the tourist season.

Back on land, Porto Badisco is another gorgeous beach near Brindisi that is not to be missed. However, the true beauty of Porto Badisco lies in how you get there. Take the road from the north for spectacular coastal views of some of Italy's most awe-inspiring coastline.

Families might want to try somewhere like Marina di Pescoluse, which features a shallow lagoon. There is no better solution for families with small children, and it also has a lively nightlife scene.

Few places in Italy have coastline like Puglia, and there are beaches for nature lovers, families, water sports fans, and hikers.