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  • 1) Carriage of animals and pets

    To transport a pet dogs and cats) aboard a plane, since limitations are present as regards the number of pets transported on each aircraft, it is necessary to inform the company in advance to activate the service confirmation.
    The introduction of the request foresees that the passenger supplies the dimensions of the cage and the total weight of the animal plus the cage.
    The animals must be accompanied by all the documents that allow full identificationand proof of the required vaccines. We suggest to verify the necessary documents with your veterinary.
    If the animal is of small size it can be transported in the cabin and travel with the passenger; in this case, the cage dimensions cannot exceed 55x40x20 cm with a total weight (animal plus cage) of maximum 8 kg.
    If the animal is of larger size, it must be transported in the cargo holder. In this case, the cage cannot exceed maximum dimensions of 80x55x55 cm.
    The regulation requires cages to be watertight and the animal inside of it shall move with no difficulties.
    For additional information, contact Air Dolomiti's Customer Service at +39-045-2886140.

    The charges applied for their transport are:

    Pets as cabin baggage (crate dimensions: 55x40x20 cm)
    - 35 euro for domestic flights
    - 50 euro for international flights within Europe (ex. Munich - Verona)

    Pets as checked baggage (crate dimensions: both 60x45x45 cm and 80x55x55 cm) 
    - 70 euro for domestic flights
    - 100 euro for international flights within Europe (ex. Munich - Verona)

    Pets as checked baggage (crate dimensions: 100x65x70 cm)
    - 150 euro for domestic flights
    - 200 euro for international flights within Europe (ex. Munich - Verona)

    Air Dolomiti accepts trained animals on board accompanying persons with impaired eyesight. For more information, contact Customer Service by telephone on +39 045 2886140.
    Such animals are carried free of charge.

  • 2) Over sized baggage

    In case of the need to carry a luggage of weight higher than the foreseen allowance or of cumbersome dimensions, it is necessary to inform the airline and forward a request in advance, specifying the number of pieces, the dimensions, and total weight in kg.
    The maximum weight allowed for particularly large luggage is generally 45 kg, except for specific local limitation.

    By informing the company in advance, it is possible to speed operations at the airport. For each reservation, it is not possible to request confirmations for extra luggage exceeding 100 kg.

    Luggage that exceed 45 kg are not checked as checked luggage: in this case it is recommended to ship via Cargo.

  • 3) Hand baggage

    The hand luggage that can be carried aboard must have maximum dimensions of 55 X 40 X 20 cm. Its weight depends on the fare purchased on legs Munich-Verona, Frankfurt-Verona, Munich-Florence, Munich-Bari, Munich-Venice, Munich-Milan Bergamo and all seasonal flights:

    LIGHT fare: 1 hand baggage (7kg)
    PLUS fare: 1 hand baggage (10kg) + briefcase or laptop
    EMOTION fare: 1 hand baggage (10kg) + briefcase or laptop

    For all other flights from/to Munich (except for Munich-Verona, Munich-Florence, Munich-Bari, Munich-Venice and Munich-Milan Bergamo flights) and from/to Frankfurt  (except for Frankfurt-Verona) hand baggage does not have to exceed 8 KG in weight.
    It is also possible to carry onboard objects of small dimensions such as:
    - 1 handbag or similar
    - 1 coat or overcoat
    -1 umbrella or walking stick
    - 1 small camera
    - magazines/books
    -1 handbag and baby food to use during the flight

     All luggages that exceed these indicated dimensions must be stored in the cargo hold and handed in upon check-in.
    The hand luggage can be carried with no additional fees. For safety reasons and for the limited space in the overhead compartments, it is not possible to carry more than 1 luggage aboard.

  • 4) Carriage of sports equipment

    The transport of sports equipment must be always communicated in advance to the company since limitations are present according to the type of aircraft.
    The sport luggage is subdivided into three categories: small, medium and large. According to dimensions, the rate applied will vary.

    SMALL up to 15 kg
    and/or 1,40 m
    35 EUR
    MEDIUM 15-32 kg
    and/or 1,41-2 m
     70 EUR
    BIG beyond 32 kg and max 50 kg
    and/or beyond 2 m
     150 EUR


    Equipment description:

    Ski/water ski equipment : a pair of skis, ski sticks, boots, one snowboard, a pair of water skis.

    Golf equipment: a golf bag including golf clubs, balls, and gloves.

    Fishing equipment: a box for baits, bag or net and also a fishing rod, bag or box.

    Other special luggage: contact the Customer Service Centre at +39-045-2886140

  • 5) Extra baggage fee

    In case of a overweight luggage, upon check-in the passenger shall pay a surcharge depending on the category of its baggage:

    BIG: max 23kg - over 158 cm
    HEAVY:  24 - 32 kg, max 158 cm
    HEAVY + BIG: 24 - 32 kg, over 158 cm
    EXTRA HEAVY: 33 - 45 kg, max 158 cm
    EXTRA HEAVY + BIG: fra i 33 - 45 kg, oltre i 158 cm

    Click here for more information about European rates.

  • 6) Carry on baggage and check baggage allowance

    Free luggage (European flights)

    On flights Munich-Verona, Frankfurt-Verona, Munich-Florence, Munich-Bari, Munich-Venice, Munich-Milan Bergamo free allowance without the need to pay any supplement is granted to the following luggage:

    LIGHT fare no checked baggage allowed (ONLY 1 hand baggage; for the little children up to 2 years also 1 buggy permitted)
    PLUS fare 1 piece max 23 kg
    EMOTION fare 1 piece max 32kg
    Infants up to 2 years 1 piece max.10kg + 1 stroller/carrying basket/car seat with PLUS or EMOTION fares


    Once finalized a reservation at the LIGHT fare, you want to add an hold baggage, additional costs are as follows:

    within 1 working day after the purchase € 29 one way
    within 1 working day prior to departure € 35 one way

    Less than one working day prior to departure: from € 50, depending on the size and weight of luggage (see attached file)
    This change can only be made through our Customer Service Center, reacheable by phone Monday to Friday from 8.30 a.m. to 8.00 p.m. and on Saturday and Sunday from 9.00 a.m. to 5.00 p.m. (except public holidays).

    Passengers with LIGHT fare- who want to add an hold baggage- can pay it also directly at the airport. For a standard baggage the fare is € 50.

    Tickets not directly purchased from this site, but on different portals (like EDREAMS, EXPEDIA, OPODO or similar) are usually included in the fare conditions of the "LIGHT PACK". The Light fare is inclusive of 1 hand luggage (max. 7 kg), while checked baggage is not included. Requests for extra baggage or date changes need to be made directly to the service center of the web site where you purchased the ticket.

    Passengers who are HON Circle or Senator are entitled to a higher allowance:

    - HON Circle partner: 1 piece additional kg to the allowance foreseen by the fare purchased (EMOTION fare: 32kg, PLUS/LIGHT fare: 23kg)
    - Senator: 1 piece additional kg to the allowance foreseen by the fare purchased (EMOTION fare: 32kg, PLUS/LIGHT fare: 23kg)

    What items can not be transported in checked baggage?
    All valuables (including keys, car keys,...), fragile or perishable items (eg food, medicines, jewelry, cameras, computers, etc. ..) can not be packed in checked baggage.
    In case of damage or theft, the Company is not responsible for them.


  • 7) Delivery at aircraft

    The Delivery At Aircraft procedure includes acceptance of baby buggies, wheelchairs and crutches until boarding.
    These items will be collected when passengers get on board of the plane and kept in hold because of lack of space in cabin and they will be delivered back to the owners when they get off the plane.
    The procedure is applied if required by the passenger.

  • 8) Expectant Mothers

    Up to the 36th week or 4 weeks prior to the expected delivery date, the passenger can travel on Air Dolomiti's flights without medical or gynaecological certificate, provided that pregnancy does not present any particular problem.
    After this date, a medical certificate or the authorization of the Company's physician will be required.

  • 9) Unaccompanied minors

    For children between 5 and 12 years of age that travel without an adult, it is necessary to ask for special assistance in advance.
    - For brothers/sisters that travel together (same reservation, address) and are both minors, the service is paid only once.
    - Minors between 5 and 11 years of age do not necessarily need the minor service if accompanied by a passenger of 12 years of age or older.

    Minors less than 5 years of age must be necessarily accompanied by an adult:
    - if the adult is the brother or sister of the minor, s/he must be at least 15 years of age; if s/he is not the brother/sister, s/he must be major of age.
    - A child less than 5 years of age cannot travel alone under any circumstances and must be accompanied by an adult.

    Minors of 12 years of age or older: the request for service for not accompanied minors is not compulsory but optional.

    For passengers older than 18 years of age, the minor service cannot be requested.

    Service costs that must be paid the day of departure at the ticket office counter:
    - 40 Euro direct European flights each leg
    - 80 Euro European flights with connecting flight

  • 10) Dangerous goods

    For safety reasons the transportation of the following items in your checked-in or carry-on baggage is prohibited:

    • Briefcases with built-in alarm devices
    • Explosives, fireworks, flares
    • Arms and ammunitions (except hunting or sporting arms). For further information please contact directly with the Airline. *
    • Pressurized containers containing irritant gases, self-defense sprays, camping gas
    • Containers with flammable liquids such as lighter fuel, paint, varnish, cleaning agents
    • Items that ignite easily, such as matches
    • Substances that emit flammable gases upon contact with water
    • Oxidizing substances
    • Poisonous (toxic) and infectious substances
    • Radioactive materials and items
    • Corrosive substances, such as acids, wet cell batteries
    • Strongly magnetic materials
    • All lighters in checked-in baggage, it is permitted to take one lighter if it is for personal use and filled with fully absorbed liquid fuel

    * If a passenger want to transport a weapon, he has to inform the Airline company during the booking. For information about the service cost contact Air Dolomiti Customer Serivice: +39 045 288 6140

    Air Dolomiti is available for any further information about dangerous goods

    AIR DOLOMITI S.p.A. Linee Aeree Regionali Europee
    Via Paolo Bembo, 70
    37062 Dossobuono di Villafranca (VR) - Italia
    tel. +39 045 288 6140

  • 11) Passengers with reduced mobility

    Disabled passengers have the possibility to request various types of assistance during embarking operations.
    In order to provide an excellent service and due to limitations, the request for assistance must be asked in advance to the company.
    The passenger has the possibility to transport his/her wheel chair in the cabin of the aircraft. To go from the Check-in area onboard of the aircraft, the passenger will be provided with a wheelchair that belongs to the airport and an attendant.
    The types of service are 3:
    - attendance until reaching the aircraft stairs
    - attendance until the top of the aircraft stairs
    - attendance to the seat

    In case of particularly serious pathologies or disabilities, need to use medicines or medical equipment on board, it is suggested to contact the Company in advance, since it may be necessary to receive authorization by an Air Dolomiti's physician.

    The Airline can refuse to embark a passenger if:
    - the passenger could pose a threat to the safety of other passengers, the aircraft or the crew. 
    - the passenger's condition makes it impossible for the carrier to assist in case of an emergency situation.

    The following passengers cannot be carried on board of Air Dolomiti flights:
    - people with contagious/infectious disease
    - people who recently suffered from a heart attack
    - people who recently suffered from a stroke

    For further information please contact

    Air Dolomiti Customer Service + 39 045 2886140
    Lufthansa worldwide +49 - 1805 805 805

  • 12) Seminars to fly relaxed

    In order to overcome the fear of travelling, Lufthansa organizes seminars to fly relaxed.

    The seminars help solving the problem in a constructive way. Within the calm environment of a small group of about ten people you can learn new strategies with the guidance of an expert psychologist, in order to overcome the fear of flying, through relaxation exercises, discussions with people with similar difficulties, psychotherapeutic consulting and through the learning of effective methods to keep fear under control.

  • 13) Safety measure at airports

    Starting from Monday, 06 November 2006 the European Union has adopted new security rules that restrict the amount of liquids that you can take through security checkpoints.
    They apply to all passengers departing from airports in the EU included domestic flights and on connecting flights from Europe.

    At the security checkpoints, all passengers and their hand luggage must be checked for liquids in addition to other prohibited articles.
    In the hand baggage only small quantities of liquids and gel-based products (healthcare products and cosmetics) are allowed with the following regulation:
    • Liquids must be in containers with maximum capacity of 100 millilitres each (1/10 litre) or equivalent.
    • All containers must be carried in a transparent, re-sealable plastic bag with a maximum capacity of one litre (e.g. a bag with dimensions cm 18 x 20).
    • Only one bag per passengers (included infant) is permitted.
    • Medication and special foodstuff needed during the flight can be carried outside the plastic bag.
    They must be in any case checked at the security point.
    • Duty-free articles purchased in an European airport or on board an aircraft registered in the EU may be carried on board inside a special bag that must be sealed by the duty-free shop staff.
    In order to help the checkpoint staff, it is necessary to:
    • Present all liquids at the checkpoint for examination.
    • Remove laptops computers and large electrical devices from the hand baggage for the security screening.

  • 14) Lounge access policy

    Lounge facilities exist for the following passengers if departing on a AIR DOLOMITI flight and holding an AIR DOLOMITI ticket (101-xxxxxxxx):
    • HON Circle Members (HON)
    • Senator Members (SEN)
    • Star Alliance Members with Gold Status (YY*G).
    *** Business Class passengers and Frequent Travellers (FTL) are not entitled to use the lounge ***

    HON, SEN and YY*G may bring one companion into the lounge.
    - Infants do not count as a companion.
    - HON Circle members and First Class passengers may also bring their family members (spouse/partner, children) into the lounge provided the children are younger than 18.
    - Senators may bring one companion and their children into the lounge provided the children are younger than 18.

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