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Unaccompanied children

    • Unaccompanied children

      Children aged between 5 and 11 years may only fly unaccompanied if they are using our special service or if they are travelling with someone who is at least 12 years old. Reserving the service is mandatory for all children aged 5 up to 11 years old. You can also (optionally) reserve the Unaccompanied Minor service if your child is between 12 and 17 years old and travelling on his own.

      To book this service you must provide the contact details of the person who will bring the child to the airport on departure, as well as the person who will meet the child at the airport on arrival (Full name, address, phone number and kinship degree). 

      Children with an Italian passport under 14 years of age, must hold a completed ‘Dichiarazione di Affido’ when travelling out of Italy. This must be obtained from a local police office as it is not available at the airport.

      This form must be carried with your child’s passport. Travel will be denied if the form is not completed.

      If you do not live in Italy the authorization can be issued by the Italian Embassy or Consulate.

      Domestic flights (within Italy) € 40,00
      For European sectors (within Europa) € 60,00
      For Intercontinental sectors € 100,00


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