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Fill 1400x600 vintage car

Verona Legend Cars: tickets and news about the vintage car show

If you have a passion for classic cars, the Verona Legend Cars event is for you. This new event is one of the highlights of the Verona Fiere 2016 schedule and features exhibits of vintage models from across the world, as well as representatives of manufacturers, engineers and historians.

Legend Cars offers a great opportunity to explore the possibility of vintage car ownership as well. You can visit the festival and talk through purchasing options with the dealers, or meet with modern firms who are showing off their latest, most powerful models at the show.

There are also attractions for long-term vintage car owners. If you have been seeking a crucial part for your Porsche or Ferrari, this vintage car show is the place to come, as it will attract parts dealers specialized in an enormous range of makes and models.

The heart and soul of the event is the community of car enthusiasts who will attend. This year's Legend Cars event will host car clubs from every corner of Europe where visitors can organize rallies, make friends and swap stories about their beloved automobiles. 

Models on display will include championship winning Lancia rally cars (that will be introduced by the ex-world champion Miki Biason). There will be a special 50th birthday celebration for the iconic Lamborghini Miura, and motorsports fans will also enjoy the 90th birthday festivities of Superleggera Bodyworks - a Milan firm that built the bodies for some of Ferrari and Alfa Romeo's most famous designs.

Historical exhibits will also include samples from the extensive vintage vehicle collection at Maison Bibelot - including a Brough Superior SS80 motorcycle, the same model favoured by Lawrence of Arabia.

Verona Legend Cars goes beyond the cars themselves and the people who drive them. At the festival, you will also have the chance to buy exclusive miniature models (a great hobby for parents and children to enjoy), and motoring boutiques will also be there, selling clothing and accessories with a vintage feel.

This year's event takes place from 13-15 May 2016 at Verona Fiere. Tickets are available online from the festival's website and cost 15 euros for a day's entry. Children under the age of 11 enter for free, so why not make this vintage car show a family destination?