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Baggage Essentials

    • Baggage essentials

      The actual baggage allowance can differ according to the fare booked.

      Below you will find an indication of our general baggage rules per travel class and for Miles&More members, Hon Circle, Senator and Gold Star Alliance.


      FARE: Adults (>12 years) Children (2 - 11 years) Infants (0 - 2 years)
      LIGHT No checked-in luggage
      1 cabin bag  max 7kg 
      the same baggage allowance as adults.
      + 1 car seat or 1 stroller
      1 car seat or 1 stroller
      PLUS 1 checked-in suitcase max 23kg 

      1 cabin bag
      dims 55x40x20cm
      + 1 personal item
      Tot. 10kg
        1 checked-in suitcase max 10kg + 1 car seat or 1 stroller
      EMOTION 1 checked-in suitcase max 32kg 

      1 cabin bag
      dims 55x40x20cm
      + 1 personal item
      Tot. 10kg
        1 checked-in suitcase max 10kg + 1 car seat or 1 stroller
      Miles and More Frequent Traveller (Silver Status) As per fare booked    
      Miles and More 
      Hon Circle Senator or Gold Star Alliance
      1 additional piece 
      + 1 Golf Bag


      * Each suitcase may measure max. 158 cm (width + height + depth).
      ** Cabin bags may measure max. 115 cm (width + height + depth).

      Our partners may have different baggage rules. If part of your journey is with another airline, please check their baggage rules.

    • Baggage and transfers

      If your trip includes a transfer with a connecting flight, your check-in baggage will usually be sent to your final destination. The baggage claim tag that you receive when dropping off your baggage always states your bag’s final destination.

      When transferring, you only need to collect your baggage and check it in again for your connecting flight, if:

      •    You have purchased 2 or more tickets from different airlines that have dissimilar conditions
      •    You arrive at one airport and your connecting flight departs from another airport 
      •    Your transfer lasts longer than 12 hours or your next flight departs the next day.

    • Allowances on other airlines

      Baggage allowances and policies can vary from airline to airline. If your journey includes a flight with an airline other than Air Dolomiti, your checked baggage allowance may be different:

      •    If your entire journey is with another airline, their checked baggage allowance will apply. For example, if you fly Lufthansa from Milan Malpensa to Munich, Lufthansa’s baggage policy applies, even if the flight is operated by Air Dolomiti, 
      •    If your journey includes connecting flights with more than one airline, the checked baggage policy of the airline that operates the longer leg will apply. For example, if you fly with Lufthansa from New York to Munich and connect onto Air Dolomiti to Venice, the leg with Lufthansa is longer and their baggage policy applies to the whole journey.

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