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Discover our Notes from Puglia

An author's editorial product signed by IED and produced thanks to Pugliapromozione for Air Dolomiti passengers en route to Puglia, marks the starting up of the new tourist season in Puglia

A new editorial product created by Lufthansa's Italian airline, Air Dolomiti, for the regional tourism agency Pugliapromozione, marks the starting up of a new tourist season through creativity and author's illustrations.

It is called "Notes from Puglia" and it is not just a free gadget for travellers: the excellently designed travel diaries are part of a communication project dedicated to the Region of Puglia's brand identity, a product resulting from the creativity of 22 young designers working at the IED in Rome.

"Air Dolomiti has always supported creative projects involving its passengers in a journey through the traditions and culture of the countries it brings together," said Paolo Sgaramella, Air Dolomiti's Commercial Vice President, who continued, "Thanks to the collaboration with Pugliapromozione and IED - Istituto Europeo di Design (European Institute of Design) in Rome, Air Dolomiti has created a small object of great value, where our passengers can treasure the most unforgettable moments of their trip to Puglia.”

"Located in the heart of the Mediterranean, Puglia is a destination to be discovered and explored slowly. Welcoming, creative and dynamic, the region of Puglia wants to invest in innovation and new communication channels," says Massimo Bray, Councillor for Tourism and Culture of the Apulia Region.

With a print run of 10,000 copies, the travel diaries will be distributed free of charge on board from 19th July on Air Dolomiti's Munich/Bari route. A symbolic tribute containing around 40 new pieces of artwork, visual identities representing the special features of Puglia's wonderful cultural, food, wine and natural heritage.

An idea born from the cooperation between Pugliapromozione, The Trip Agency, Air Dolomiti and IED - Istituto Europeo di Design in Rome to promote the destination through artwork: a meeting of shapes, colours and innovative techniques that tell a fantastic illustrated journey through the heel of Italy.

"The artwork created by the Graphic Design students, within the Special Projects Unit at IED, will accompany the traveller throughout the entire travel experience," says Luigi Vernieri, Director of Special Projects and Coordinator of the Graphic Design course at IED Rome. "It was a great creative challenge that led the students involved to tell the story of the Puglia region’s extraordinary treasures, each according to their own design and graphics-based vision".

A promotional operation, in synergy with the European Institute of Design’s philosophy, which always puts itself forward as a space for mediation and research in the field between companies and young graduates, and airline Air Dolomiti’s vision, which, is again supporting creative projects for the enhancement of tourism. 

Air Dolomiti, in fact, is no novice when it comes to the publication of independent publishing projects. It did, in fact, create an Alternative Guide in 2018, in fact, a series of tourist guides in Italian, English and German dedicated to five Italian cities and one German city, all served by the same airline, Bari, Bologna, Florence, Venice, Verona and Munich.

The series is available in a digital version that can be navigated and reflects an original idea with a thematic description of the cities in question. The texts and photographs represent five different types of travellers and offer an intimate and authentic account of the places described.

The Notes from Puglia project has also become an integral part of the Puglia Frames of Mind exhibition, with the artwork displayed in its own dedicated section. Launched on the occasion of the G20 summit, the exhibition, curated by Pugliapromozione and Phest and organised by Teatro Pubblico Pugliese, will remain open until 31st August.


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