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Flight Crew Initial and Recurrent CRM Course

The Flight Crew CRM Course is designed to provide knowledge of, and familiarity with, human factors relevant to flight operations. It reflects the scale and scope of the operation together with associated operating procedures and areas of operation which produce particular difficulties or involve adverse climatic conditions and any unusual hazards.

By the end of training the Applicant shall be able to:
• understand the major CRM elements and effectively utilize all available resources;
• apply enhanced communication and management skills to achieve a safe and efficient operation.

Entry Requirements
Applicants for the Flight Crew CRM course shall have completed a theoretical course based on the human performance and limitations program for the ATPL.

Training Course Content
Theoretical Knowledge Training
The following subjects are included in the theoretical knowledge teaching plan according the level of training required by the regulation:

1. Human factors in aviation;
2. General instructions on CRM principles and objectives (in depth);
3. Human error and reliability, error chain, error prevention and detection (in depth);
4. Company safety culture, SOPs, organisational factors (in depth);
5. Stress, stress management, fatigue & vigilance (in depth);
6. Communication and coordination inside and outside the cockpit (in depth);
7. Information acquisition and processing situation awareness (in depth);
8. Workload management (in depth);
9. Leadership and team behaviour synergy (in depth);
10. Specific type-related differences (as required);
11. Decision making (in depth).

Practical Training
Case Studies, videos and exercises related to the CRM environment.

Duration: 2 working days.
Location: Verona (Italy)

Training Language:
• Italian
• English

Standard Course: the course is organized in specific dates with a minimum of 4 applicants.
Year 2018: to be defined

Flex Course: the course is tailor-made to the applicants’ requirements. The course start can be agreed at any time during the year.

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