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FI, IRI, CRI Refresher Seminar

The aim of the Refresher Seminar is to provide instructors with the opportunity to standardize teaching and practises and update their knowledge on the applicable requirements of Regulation on Air Crew. After completing the seminar, the participants will have refreshed their skills in order to:
• deliver training sessions with competence and confidence using a wide range of presentation techniques;
• develop individual lesson plans;
• assess student performance and provide effective feedback.

The objectives of the seminar are:
• Review the basic concepts of teaching;
• Review methods of teaching using topics from the flying training syllabus;
• Review the process of teaching and individual teaching styles;
• Examine current topics of interest to the instructor;
• Practice classroom instructional techniques;
• Discuss the student instructor working relationship;
• Revise and update the licensing and revalidation criteria governing airplanes.

The Seminar is primarily aimed at FIs, IRIs and CRIs but any current licence holder or ground instructor would also benefit from the information included in the seminar.

The course meets the requirements of Reg. (EU) No 1178/2011.

Entry Requirements
Applicants for an Instructor Refresher Seminar shall have a valid FI, IRI, CRI certificate.

Training Course Content
The following elements are selected according to the preparation and experience of the FIs, IRIs and CRIs involved in the seminar.

The syllabus will include all or part of the following subjects:
1. new or current rules or regulations, with emphasis on knowledge of Part-FCL and operational requirements;
2. teaching and learning;
3. instructional techniques;
4. the role of the instructor;
5. applicable national regulations;
6. human factors;
7. flight safety, incident and accident prevention;
8. airmanship;
9. legal aspects and enforcement procedures;
10. navigational skills including new or current radio navigation aids;
11. teaching instrument flying;
12. weather-related topics including methods of distribution.

Duration: 2 working days.
Location: Verona (Italy).

Training Language:
• Italian
• English

Standard Course: the course is organized in specific dates with a minimum of 4 applicants.
Year 2018: to be defined

Flex Course: the course is tailor-made to the applicants’ requirements. The course start can be agreed at any time during the year.

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