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Special assistance

    • Allergies

      Important information about peanut allergies

      Generally Air Dolomiti does not serve peanuts on its flights. However, we cannot guarantee that our aircraft and the food served on board are completely free of peanuts or traces of peanuts and their derivatives or that passengers do not bring products containing peanuts on board with them. The same also applies to other foodstuffs that may cause an allergic reaction.

      If you have a food intolerance or a severe allergy we kindly suggest you to talk to your doctor about the journey and carry your emergency medicines with you in the event of an allergy episode during a trip. We kindly invite you to notify the cabin crew on boarding the aircraft, so that can prevent serving eventual snacks containing peanuts during the flight and request that other passengers do not consume peanuts on board (that they have brought with them); however we can not guarantee this.


    • Travellers with special needs

      On July 26th 2008 the EC Regulation No. 1107/2006 concerning the rights of disabled persons and persons with reduced mobility when travelling by air has become effective.
      The purpose of the regulation is to assure

      "[...] the protection of and provision of assistance to disabled persons and persons with reduced mobility travelling by air, both to protect them against discrimination and to ensure that they receive assistance." (art. 1).

      For more information download the EC Regulation No. 1107/2006.The provisions of the Regulation cover all the services required to facilitate all activities involved in departure, transit and arrival at destination. 

      In accordance with the current ENAC regulations, the seat assignment of minors (2 - 12 years old) and of disabled persons and persons with reduced mobility (PRM) next to their parents and/or accompanying persons, is not subject to any additional charge with respect to the cost of the airline ticket. 
      Please contact our Call Centre for seat assignment and/or further information.
      Call +39 0452886140

      To benefit from the assistance services, passengers must notify the carrier or travel agent concerned of the services required at least 48 hours before the published time of departure. 

      See the assistance provided by airport management.
      See the assistance provided by carriers.

      Today’s airports offer facilities for passengers with reduced mobility. Information on the assistance available is generally found on the website of the airport concerned. You may also request information directly from the airport administration.
      Contact the Air Dolomiti Sales Center when making your reservation to request the assistance suited to your needs at least 48 hours before departure.
      Requests for special assistance include:
      • arranging for assistance at the airport when embarking, disembarking and/or in transit
      •  bringing your own wheelchair (manual or electric) and/or using the wheelchair in the cabin 
      • bringing special medical equipment
      • bringing an assistance dog into the cabin 

      Once on board, passengers with limited mobility will be seated by personnel where the crew’s instructions can be seen and heard for the entire duration of the flight.

      Disability and/or restraint aids that require to be secured around the back of the seat are not accepted on board Air Dolomiti flights.

      Please contact Air Dolomiti Sales Center with any requests to travel with passenger mobility aids, which must be notified at the time of booking and/or checked for compatibility.


    • Wheelchairs

      Please contact us at the time of booking your flight if you wish to travel with your own wheelchair. This can be embarked directly at the check-in counter on the day of the flight, tagged and stored in the hold. Carriage is free of charge. Chairs powered by a liquid battery will not be accepted. The maximum size of wheelchair allowed is: 120 x 101 x 71 cm, and the weight must not exceed 80 kg.
      If your wheelchair is battery-powered, please find out what type of batteries it takes and inform our Sales Center when you book your flight or at least within 48 hours before departure. Depending on the battery type, wheelchairs are subject to certain transport requirements. You could be requested to provide the technical data sheet of the mobility aid.
      Wheelchairs powered by wet-cell batteries are not accepted on board of Air Dolomiti flights.

      If necessary, we can provide free assistance to go from the check-in desk to the aircraft steps, to climb the aircraft steps or to reach a seat in the cabin. The wheelchair will be provided by the airport.  
      IMPORTANT: please consider that onboard wheelchairs are not available on our aircrafts


    • Guide and service dogs

      Assistance dogs for those with hearing or visual impairments or other recognized needs (e.g. service dogs supporting passengers with psychiatric, intellectual or other mental disability) are carried free of charge.
      The service must be requested when making the reservation. It is not necessary for the dog to be kept in a pet carrier during the flight, but a leash and muzzle are recommended. We recommend that you bring a muzzle with you for your dog on direct flights to/from the USA.

      During take-off, landing and in the instance of turbulence, the animal must be fitted with a suitable safety harness (this must be provided by the owner) to allow the dog to safely remain next to the passenger accompanying it.
      The dog must fit in the footspace of the owner’s seat: if the dog is too big to fit in front of the seat, the passenger may be offloaded or acceptance may be refused.

      Since the number of animals that can be carried in the cabin is limited, please notify us promptly if you will be travelling with an assistance dog.
      Please note that some countries have special provisions for the entry of animals. You are therefore advised to make inquiries well in advance.


    • Medical assistance form

      For some illnesses or disabilities (such as heart or lung conditions, strokes, etc.), injuries from accidents or chronic pain, fitness for air travel must be assessed by the Air Dolomiti Medical Service.
      If there are doubts as to whether it is safe for you to fly, you or your doctor must apply in advance for an Air Dolomiti health assessment. A decision must be taken at least 48 hours before departure.
      In such cases, please download our medical assistance form, complete it and email it to the airline physician: 
      Dr Alessandro Olivieri 

      For more information, please contact our Sales Center at +39 0452886140 (Mon.-Fri. 08.30 to 20.00 and Sat./Sun. 09.00 to 17.00 – Public holidays: closed). 

      PLEASE NOTE: oxygen cylinders and tanks for medical purposes are not allowed on Air Dolomiti flights and this service is not provided by the airline.
      POC (portable oxygen concentrators) may be used on board, prior to notice being given via our medical assistance form.


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