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More flexibility also for Light and Saver fares

Light and Saver fares are now changeable

The more restrictive fares offer now greater flexibility to our passengers: for all the bookings issued starting from 20th March 2020 also Economy LIGHT and Business SAVER allow rebooking options, paying a fee (70€ per leg) and possibile fare adjustments.

Economy Light and Business Saver fares remain not refundable, but they are now changeable, in order to give you the possibility to change your travel plans and modify your flight bookings. 

If you desire to rebook your flights, you can easily do it online via Manage your booking section.

Alternatively you can call our Service Center dialing +39 045 2886140 (+49 089 97580497 from Germany): we trust in your understanding because we are receiving a high volume of calls and you could experience longer waiting times than usual.



Photo credits: photo by Hanson Lu on Unsplash, photo by Erik Odiin on Unsplash