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Venice Film Festival 2017, the 74th edition of the international exhibition

This year, the Venice Film Festival celebrates its 74th birthday and looks set to be one of the most glamorous editions yet. If you want to enjoy a feast of cinema and glamour, travel to Venice in August 2017 with Air Dolomiti and rub shoulders with the stars at one of the world's great cultural events. 

One of the most respected film festivals on the planet, Venice is also the oldest, having first hosted the event in 1932 (so technically it's 85 years old, but war years and disruption in the 1970s meant that a few editions were missed along the way).

Over the years, the event has attracted almost every major film star and director. It has also worked hand in hand with the city's Biennale - a spectacular festival of the arts in general, featuring world-class painters, sculptors, thinkers and architects.

The Venice Film Festival takes place every year in late August and early September in the Lido neighbourhood of Venice. When it rolls into town, venues like the Palazzo del Cinema become a stage for today's brightest stars to promote their upcoming releases.

More importantly, Venice is a chance for the world's film-making elite to compete for prestigious prizes like the Coppa Volpi (for best actress and actor), the Silver Lion (for the best director), and the Golden Lion (for the best film in competition).

Past Golden Lion winners include arthouse heroes like Louis Malle, Wim Wenders, Ang Lee and Luchino Visconti - so if you are a fan of any of those legends, you will almost certainly enjoy the screenings and atmosphere at the Venice Film Festival 2017.

This year's event runs from 30th August to 9th September and will be curated by the film critic and executive Alberto Barbera. As usual, the event will seek to showcase cinema from across the world, in a spirit of forging connections and promoting free expression.

To give a flavour of what to expect, 2016's edition saw screenings of films by directors like Emir Kusturica, Terrence Malick and Denis Villeneuve, as well as the year's greatest critical hit, La La Land by Damien Chazelle. The event gave La La Land the momentum it needed to win 2017's Academy Award for Best Director and you can expect to see similarly impressive screenings at the Venice Film Festival 2017.

So, if you will be in the city this summer and don't know what to do in Venice, attending premieres at the Lido is a fantastic experience that ought not to be missed out on. Check out our flights to Venice!