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Fly CO2 neutralMake your air travel CO2 neutral with Compensaid

Air Dolomiti, with a view to implementing sustainable and conscious travel methods, has chosen to travel responsibly by joining the Compensaid program, created by Lufthansa in collaboration with the Lufthansa Innovation Hub. The project makes it possible to calculate the CO₂  emissions generated during a flight and offset them. Passengers can do so by purchasing Sustainable Aviation Fuel and by participating in climate protection projects.

The increased use of innovative biofuel (Sustainable Aviation Fuel, SAF) will have a direct impact on emissions since, compared to traditional kerosene, SAF produces up to 80% less CO₂. Climate Protection projects, on the other hand, will act on the CO₂ produced by flying in a long-term perspective.

The CO₂ calculator, through a constantly updated algorithm that considers the route, weather conditions and class of flight, allows the emissions of each trip to be calculated and then allows passengers to authorize the offsetting of their trip.

Compensation will therefore be possible through the purchase of Sustainable Aviation Fuel (SAF), the first real alternative to fossil aviation fuel, or by joining one of the nine climate protection projects currently active in Italy, but also in Nicaragua, Brazil, Dominican Republic, Germany, Kenya, Rwanda and Switzerland, which are effective alternatives to curb climate change.    


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