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White Wines

White wines are made from white grapes following delicate pressing of the bunches exclusively to produce must without marcs. This is the main characteristic distinguishing white wines from red ones. Pressing is followed by fermentation and maturing, usually in steel containers for wines with a fresher and more delicate personality, or wooden barrels for wines intended for longer ageing to achieve a more distinctive character. White wines range from a more or less intense yellow colour, with greenish, amber or golden reflections depending on the wine. The bouquet is delicate and fruity and taste is fresh and aromatic. Particularly delicate tastes and pale colours depend on the production process.


Planeta is a producer of wine, the heritage of seventeen generations. An extensive voyage through time but also through Sicily – a true continent of wine – and present in five of its most representative regions: Menfi, Vittoria, Noto, Etna and Capo Milazzo. In each of them Planeta has carried out careful research, ranging from the adaptability of international grape varieties to indigenous vines, including some historic varieties. The production of DOP olive oil, the development of hospitality and cultural ventures have been added to their activities in the field of viticulture; a veritable mosaic of projects devised to enliven ‘the Sicilian experience’. Ethical means of production and respect for the environment, the countryside and the culture of each area, including sustainable and lasting methods of agriculture, with wineries completely integrated within the landscape are the values which guide the company’s activities.


Siddùra-Sardegna in Purezza

Wines which are noble and generous by nature - Siddùra was created following a discovery made by two entrepreneurs who found and fell in love with an abandoned but charming property in the heart of the Gallura region. The vineyard, located in the centre of the estate, has been built completely underground. Here the entire production process takes place, from the grape to the bottle, favouring spontaneous fermentation and using the widest possible range of containers: from cement tanks to casks and amphoras. The company’s objective is to produce wines which are identifiable with their terroir of origin. This influences all of the aspects of production: limited harvesting in order to guarantee the highest possible quality, selective harvesting by hand, micro-vinification and ageing in the best quality French oak casks. The wines won 200 medals.


  • Our wines on board of Air Dolomiti flights: SPÈ​RA


Viticulture in Apulia is history and at the same time innovation.  The Tormaresca estate is the expression of these two spirits.  Character, personality and the potential for high quality are the characteristics that the Apulian territory imparts to all varieties grown here, indigenous or not.  The Antinori family started investing in the area in 1998 as they believed that this is one of the most promising regions in Italy for producing top quality wines with a strong territorial identity.  Tormaresca has two estates located in the best-known areas for the production of high quality wines: the Bocca di Lupo Estate in the heart of the Castel Del Monte DOC appellation; and Masseria Maime in one of the most beautiful areas of Upper Salento.

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Masi Agricola - WINERY OF THE YEAR

Masi has always been an ambassador for the values of the Venetian Regions. Its story began in 1772, when the Boscaini family, now in its seventh generation, bought prestigious vineyards in the “Vaio dei Masi”, in the heart of the Valpolicella Classica zone. World leaders in the production of Amarone Classico, MASI has developed recognised EXPERTISE in the APPASSIMENTO technique through its TECHNICAL GROUP. The technique dates back to the Ancient Romans and involves leaving grapes to dry on bamboo racks for the winter months to concentrate aromas and flavours in the resulting wine. And an aptitude for innovation has resulted in the production of the widest and most expertly made range of Amaroni, Recioti and Double Fermentation wines – which together form MASI’s calling card in the world.