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Sparkling Wines

Spumante (sparkling wine) owes its name to the froth (spuma) caused by the sudden release of part of the gas dissolved in the wine following the drop in pressure once the cork is pulled. The characteristic effervescence of sparkling wines is the outcome of a rather complex production process. The development of carbon dioxide that gives the wine its sparkle is achieved after vinification by means of refermentation in a controlled environment with the addition of sugars. There are essentially two sparkling wine production methods: the classic method, as used to produce Champagne with refermentation in the bottle, and the Charmat method that involves refermentation in sealed recipients.


Bisol is a time-honoured winery in Valdobbiadene specialized in the creation of Prosecco Superiore DOCG which has been deeply rooted in this area for five centuries. An ancient document testifies that the Bisol family were already nurturing vines in S. Stefano di Valdobbiadene way back in 1542. All Bisol’s labels are Prosecco Superiore DOCG and are a direct expression of the heroic viticulture that characterizes the steep hills of Valdobbiadene. The Bisol range perfectly reflects all the nuances of Prosecco Superiore with each label expressing a particular terroir and the specific make up of the soil. The Bisol line is flanked by the Jeio collection which personifies Prosecco’s youthful and joyous soul, the contemporary face of a winery with ancient traditions headed towards the future.



Aneri, a worldwide family art. Prosecco, Amarone and other highly-prized wines made with elegance and passion by Giancarlo and his children bring the Made in Italy excellence to the tables of important people all over the world. And to everyone who appreciates the good things in life. Small casks make good wine, as the saying goes. This truism helps explain the extraordinary international success of Aneri wines. The family of entrepreneurs from Verona prefers to sit out the race for mass production, to instead focus on quality and excellence. Their traditional Italian wine nevertheless enjoys astonishing international prestige (such as the exclusively DOCG prosecco, and Amarone), which is made from the best grapes, selected and combined with the passion and care embodied in the family’s expertise. And all this is achieved using transparency as a business card: each wine comes with a genuine identity card that specifies not only the origin but also the grape varieties used, including the percentages and quantities produced in the course of the vintage. When tasted, Aneri wines express their uniqueness based on bouquets and flavours of rare intensity and surprising sensorial balance. This is why bottles signed by Giancarlo Aneri, his wife Leda, children Stella and Alessandro and granddaughters Lucrezia, Ludovica and Giorgia are now regularly served at the tables of important international figures: to celebrate his first election as President of the United States, Barack Obama and wife Michelle dined at “La Spiaggia” restaurant in Chicago, toasting the occasion with a bottle of Aneri Prosecco. And seven years ago, Italian President Giorgio Napolitano did the same with a bottle offered by the unforgettable Enzo Biagi. The G8 meeting in L’Aquila saw its guests receive a personalised Amarone 2003 Magnum, and Rome, at the signing of the European Constitution, saw 27 Heads of State and Government also receive a Amarone Magnum. Vladimir Putin accepted the gift of a crate of Stella Aneri Amarone from Silvio Berlusconi, who had noticed the Russian President’s appreciation of this Veronese wine during his visit to Italy. Amarone and coffee by Aneri (another family specialty, alongside wine, olive oil and balsamic vinegar) were also served to George W. Bush, Bill Clinton and the other important guests of Colin Powell at the “Four Seasons” restaurant in New York. During the London Olympics, British Prime Minister David Cameron welcomed 120 very carefully chosen guests to dine at 10 Downing Street, accompanied by Aneri Prosecco, Aneri Pinot Bianco Leda DOC and Aneri Pinot Nero Ale DOC). The reason for the Aneri wines’ success is immediately understood upon entering the wine cellar where 48 barrels of “personalised” Amarone are stored. The wines aging here have been reserved by restaurants including Cracco in Milan, San Pietro in New York, Le Stresa in Paris, L’Anima in London and Cipriani in Montecarlo among other loyal clients of the family company. “Our wines,” said Giancarlo Aneri, founder and president of the famous wine company, with evident satisfaction, “are not only loved all over the world by VIPs but also by all those who appreciate the good things in life. Our philosophy, based on a policy of small steps, wins over client after client by focusing exclusively on quality.”


  • Our wines on board of Air Dolomiti flights: VALDOBBIADENE PROSECCO SUP DOCG MILLESIMATO

Tenuta Montenisa

The estate is located in the heart of the Franciacorta production zone around the centuries-old hamlet of Calino. The varieties that give the best results in Franciacorta are all cultivated here: Chardonnay, with its typical aromas of fruit and flowers; Pinot Noir, which gives structure and personality; and Pinot Blanc, savory and mineral in character. 
The historic vineyards are located on the hill of Santo Stefano, whose excellent grapes give wines of balance and complexity. The fermenting and aging cellars at Montenisa are located under the arcades which delimit the property. Here, the bottled wines age on their lees for lengthy periods, longer than those prescribed by the appellation regulations. The remuage is still carried out reserving the maximum care and attention to each and every individual bottle. 



Masi Agricola - WINERY OF THE YEAR

Masi has always been an ambassador for the values of the Venetian Regions. Its story began in 1772, when the Boscaini family, now in its seventh generation, bought prestigious vineyards in the “Vaio dei Masi”, in the heart of the Valpolicella Classica zone. World leaders in the production of Amarone Classico, MASI has developed recognised EXPERTISE in the APPASSIMENTO technique through its TECHNICAL GROUP. The technique dates back to the Ancient Romans and involves leaving grapes to dry on bamboo racks for the winter months to concentrate aromas and flavours in the resulting wine. And an aptitude for innovation has resulted in the production of the widest and most expertly made range of Amaroni, Recioti and Double Fermentation wines – which together form MASI’s calling card in the world.