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Cabin Crew Initial Training

The aim of the Cabin Crew Initial Training is to train applicants to the level of proficiency required to safely operate as cabin crew in commercial air operations. Upon the completion of the course, cabin attendants will have the necessary theoretical knowledge and practical skill regarding the location and operation of safety and emergency equipment for each type of aircraft on which they might operate and will be trained to deal with both normal and emergency situations including relevant communication, crew co-ordination procedures, medical aspects and First Aid.

Successful completion of the Initial Safety Training satisfies all conditions under the provisions of Reg. (EU) No 290/2012 ANNEX V Part-CC and Appendix 1 to Part-CC.

On completion of the course the applicants will receive the Cabin Crew Attestation from the Italian Civil Aviation Authority. The Cabin Crew Attestation is the final document that allows the holder to act as a crewmember responsible for safety on board the aircraft.

Entry Requirements
Applicants for the Cabin Crew Initial Training shall comply with the following requirements:
1. be at least 18 years of age;
2. hold a valid personal ID and Cabin Crew medical certificate;
3. hold a valid Secondary School leaving diploma or an equivalent qualification;
4. have a good conversational knowledge of Italian and English.

Training Course Content
The training syllabus for the Cabin Crew Initial Safety Training is organised in 2 different parts as follows:
• Theoretical Knowledge Training and Checking;
• Practical Knowledge Training and Checking.

Devices employed for practical and theoretical systems training include:
• classroom instruction;
• systems training on airplane;
• videos;
• automated and semi-automated defibrillator;
• emergency and safety equipment;
• Ground Emergency Simulator including smoke generator;
• fire training;
• Swimming pool.

Duration: 21 working days.
Location: Verona and 1 training day in Pavia (Italy)

Training Language:
• Italian
• English

Standard Course: the course is organized in specific dates with a minimum of 6 applicants.
Year 2017: 16th February (registration deadline 2016/12/19)

Flex Course: the course is tailor-made to the applicants’ requirements. The course start can be agreed at any time during the year.

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