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Discover the International Book Fair, the annual event in Turin

Turin is one of Italy's cultural capitals, and literature is one of the city's obsessions. It was the birthplace of literary giants like Primo Levi, Italo Calvino, Antonio Gramsci, Umberto Eco and Cesare Pavese - among many less well known authors.

With a history like that, it's no surprise that the capital of Piedmont hosts Italy's premier book festival - the Turin International Book Fair. This year, the Turin Book Fair runs between 12-16th of May and it will bring together publishers, writers and their fans from all over the world. Full price tickets will cost 10 Euros and evening tickets cost just 5 Euros.

The event has become a fixture on the international literary calendar since it was founded in 1988. Nowadays, it is held every year in the Lingotto Fiere, near the centre of Turin, and international visitors are always welcome. In fact, in 2015 over 300,000 people passed through the doors to check out what the 1,100 exhibitors had to offer. The International Book Fair 2016 promises to be even bigger.

This year's theme for the International Book Fair is "Visions". Attention will be placed upon how the international book trade is changing, with exhibits of new digital technologies that will enhance the experience of reading. Guest speakers will include "visionaries" with the ideas and ability to solve the problems of the modern world. These will include robotics expert Roberto Cingolani, physicist Giulio Tonelli and pioneering social historian Carlo Ginzburg. Ideas will be flowing, books will be launched and plenty more will be happening on the sidelines.

There will be readings from the works of Shakespeare and Cervantes (to commemorate the 400th anniversary of their deaths). Writers from the Arab world will share their visions of the future, and there will be a special exhibit dedicated to local hero, the dissident Marxist Antonio Gramsci.

On the day before the festival opens, guests will be able to attend a special concert featuring Italy's National Symphonic Orchestra RAI while, back at the festival, the children's area will see a tribute to Roald Dahl on the centenary of his birth.

Whether you are involved in the publishing trade or just love to read, the Turin International Book Fair 2016 will offer fascinating events, insights into how the world of literature is changing and fun cultural events to enjoy. It's a great excuse to visit Turin as well, with all of its cultural and gastronomic attractions.