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CioccolaTò, enjoy the famous chocolate festival in Turin

Join sweet-toothed travellers and locals in Turin's venerable streets and squares this November to celebrate CioccolaTò, a fiesta devoted to chocolate confectionery. 

Renowned for its shroud, Italian charm, and high profile soccer club, Turin's status as the country's chocolate capital is celebrated each November with the festival known as CioccolaTò. The name is derived from a combination of the Italian word for chocolate - cioccolato, and for Turin - Torino.

For nine long days chocolate gourmets can enjoy workshops, lectures, demonstrations, games and tastings with the main action centred on a part of Piazza Vittorio Veneto nicknamed Chocogadget. 

In previous years, the festival has been held at different times of year, last year it was in November. In 2015 the event was attended by more than a hundred different chocolate makers, from local Turin manufacturers to makers from across the globe. This year visitors can expect even more chocolate from even more chocolatiers, and they will be able to attend cookery events, competitions and fun for both children and adults.

Turin becomes one big sweet shop as the trattoria, restaurants and cafes serve up chocolate related specials. Many of these eateries have been in business since the 18th century and still radiate the charm of another era.

When you enjoy CioccolaTò in Turin, you'll be joining a long tradition. In the 16th century, hot chocolate became the drink of choice for royalty following a gift of cocoa beans from King Carlo of Spain. Soon chocolate drinks became a Turinese favourite and later Turinese confectioners invented the first hard chocolate. 

CioccolaTò in Turin is a wonderful occasion for everyone but this ancient and beguiling town with its stately squares, leafy boulevards, and handsome architecture has much more to offer visitors.

History and culture buffs will love exploring this city that can trace its roots back to Romans times. Piazza Castello is the place to start your journey into the past. Home to grand palaces such as the stately Palazzo Reale and former castles such as Palazzo Madama, the whole area is a grand testimony to the Savoy dynasty that ruled for centuries. 

If you feel CioccolaTò in Turin beckoning this November, remember that Air Dolomiti flies direct to Turin from Munich. With so much to see and do, the city and region is a must for chocoholics and indeed for anyone wanting a very special travel experience.