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Florence International Antiques Fair, the tips to enjoy the event!

The Florence International Antiques Fair is Italy's most important arts exhibition, and it attracts visitors and dealers from around the globe. The biennial event is a must for any art lover, and will celebrate its 29th edition from 26th September to 4th October 2015.

Florence is a magnificent city and art and culture are among its biggest tourist attractions. No event better highlights the importance of art in the city than the Florence Antiques Fair. Held in Palazzo Corsini, the 2015 fair will feature 74 of the world's most prestigious exhibitors. The venue itself is exceptional; a superb example of Baroque architecture, Palazzo Corsini enjoys a splendid location on the banks of the River Arno and the palace's own gallery is home to one of the city's most important art collections.

The eighteenth century palace was designed in part by Antonio Maria Ferri, and is a fitting setting for a fair as important as the Biennale. Its fresco embellished galleries and terraces house stands are lavishly and creatively brought to life by acclaimed theatre designer Pier Luigi Pizzi. Pizzi is a collector himself, and stands often display just 15 or 20 carefully selected works of art. 

Palazzo Corsini is on Via Parioni, and it's easy to reach by taxi from most central hotels and holiday apartments. Arriving early allows visitors to see paintings and sculptures at this year's Florence International Antiques Fair in different lights over the course of the day. An open terrace offers sensational views over the banks of the River Arno at its halfway mark and an exquisite grotto at the end, while the Palazzo's elegant spaces allow important pieces to be shown to their best advantage.
Bear in mind that until about 10 years ago it was virtually impossible to export notified works of art from Italy. Thanks in no small part to the Florence Antiques Fair, notified works can now be certified and cleared for export within 1 day. Since the fair began in 1959 it has offered art collectors and visitors a range of services that is second to none. Over 3000 works will be on display at the 2015 edition of the Biennale - each chosen for its quality and exclusivity. The Florence Antiques Fair 2015 promises to be a thoroughly enjoyable experience and is a wonderful chance for art fans to discover paintings, drawings and sculptures in an incredible setting.