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Off the beaten path: Florentine hills

Tuscany offers breathtaking landscapes and unspoilt hills and countryside. If you are on holiday in Florence, you might like to organise a trip off the beaten track to the Florentine hills, exploring the famous Tuscan countryside and the centuries-old craft traditions of this region. Surrounding the Tuscan capital are numerous villages, many of them well-known for a particular craft. Travelling through Scandicci, Lastra a Signa and Montelupo Fiorentino, you come across a host of small, medieval villages associated with the production and art of ceramics. If, on the other hand, you choose to head towards Certosa di Galluzzo or Impruneta, you can discover the old kilns where terracotta was produced. Overlooking Florence is Fiesole, a town with a wealth of history and culture, where you can explore the archaeological remains and a magnificent Roman theatre, as well as enjoying a truly spectacular view.

During your visit, you can also admire the immense expanse of vineyards Tuscany is so famous for. This is Chianti country, and most local producers will be delighted to let you taste their wines.