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Fill 1400x600 exhibition painting bologna

Edward Hopper exhibition at Palazzo Fava

This Spring, the Palazzo Fava in Bologna is hosting a collection of artworks by the American painter Edward Hopper, in a career spanning showcase featuring works from every period of his working life. It promises to be one of the hottest exhibitions in Bologna this year.

Edward Hopper was born in 1882 and died in 1967. Since his death he has become one of the most famous American artists of his generation. His works are known for their depth of feeling and purity, with a focus on the loneliness that he saw at the heart of American life. 

This collection includes selections from Hopper's period as a water colourist in Paris through to his famous paintings of American scenes in the 1950s. It includes many iconic pieces such as South Carolina Morning from the 1950s and New York Interior from 1921. This makes the exhibition a unique opportunity to trace the development of Hopper's art across his whole career.

The exhibition has secured Soir Bleu - a 2 metre wide painting depicting a Parisian clown that is a classic of early 20th century art, from a time when Paris was home to many famous names such as Pablo Picasso.

Another spectacular loan in the collection is Second Story Twilight. Painted in 1960, it shows an American home with two generations of women, one seated and reading a book, the other wearing a bikini and leaning over the balcony. As with all of Hopper's work, these paintings have a pure, uncluttered composition, clear colours and create a sense of isolation. This places them firmly in the Modernist tradition of Italian painters like de Chirico.

The event has been made possible by a partnership between Foundation Carisbo, Arthemisia and Genus Bononiae, with the participation of New York's Whitney Museum, the holder of many of Hopper's greatest works. It is being curated by Barbara Haskell in collaboration with Luca Beatrice, and will surely be one of the cultural highlights of this year.

The exhibition opened on 25th March 2016 and runs until 24th July 2016 at the Palazzo Fava. Tickets need to be booked in advance and adult tickets cost 13 Euros. Students can enter for 11 Euros and children for 5 Euros.

The Palazzo has become one of the finest spaces for exhibitions in Bologna since its renovation in 2007. It is part of the much larger Genus Bononiae organization, which brings together cultural events from across the Bologna region.