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Fill 1400x600 castellana caves

Visit to the Castellana Caves

The Castellana Caves are a must-see attraction in the province of Bari: discover what they are and don't miss the opportunity to visit!

The Castellana Caves are a must-see attraction in the province of Bari.
One of the main tourist attractions in the province of Bari are the famous Castellana Caves, a complex of underground caves of Karst origin, one of the most beautiful and spectacular in Italy, which each year attracts millions of visitors from around the world.
A visit to the Castellana Caves takes you on a 3 km trek 70 metres underground. The guided tour explores a stunning underworld, where caverns, canyons, fossils, stalactites and stalagmites in astonishing colours and shapes capture the imagination of children and adults alike. The Caves are also home to characteristic fauna, bats in particular – absolutely harmless to visitors – as well as rare species of small crustaceans and a special cave-dwelling grasshopper.
To visit the Castellana Caves, which are open all year round, a choice of two itineraries is available: the full tour runs for about 3 km and takes almost 2 hours; the shorter version is about 1 km long and lasts 50 minutes. For both itineraries, the entrance is through an enormous, sixty-metre vertical tunnel known as the Abyss. One of the most impressive sections of the Castellana Caves is the White Cave, which takes its name from the rich, white alabaster that lines it. The more original formations include the "eccentric stalactites", which defy the laws of gravity: they actually grow sideways, in some cases then turning upwards, creating spectacular shapes. 
A visit to the Castellana Caves is certainly an opportunity not to be missed, to experience one of the most natural and surprising places in Apulia and anywhere in the world.